Monday, September 30, 2013

Sewing for Kindergarten - Petit a Petit & Family

The super short version of the introduction to my last guest in Sewing for Kindergarten could be:
This is the coolest AND sweetest woman I might ever have met. 
But there is SO much more I want to say about the wonderful Celina from Petit a Petit & Family.
For example that I love everything she makes, or presents or recommend. She used to work as a childrenswear designer so her blog is kids clothes heaven. She is The Queen of Pinterest. She is one of the most helpful women I know. For example she has helped me edit my photos for Project Run and Play....I am pretty sure you noticed a difference in my photos from week one to two....yeah, that's when she took over! Oh, she is super modest too. Yup, the full package.

There is another amazing thing about her...she always delivers big time. Actually you just need to hurry to her blog because she has put 5 (yes, five) outfits, all made by Celina over time, together for you. And I think this AMAZING tuesday outfit sets a pretty great tone for what you can expect, right. I mean HOW COOL IS THAT!!!!!

Thank you!!


  1. I love Celina's blog! Her designs are always amazing and just so cool...

  2. thanks Mie for the incredible intro! SOOOOO happy you like the post, I had so much fun putting it all together!


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