Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012.

So Wilma decided to be a rainbow this year. Luckily we began months ago being bombarded in the mail with catalogues full of halloween costumes. I guess technically these catalogues are meant for people to buy from them but they are certainly also useful as inspiration. I am actually very bad at costumes for several reasons. I am generally thinking more fashion and wearable clothes than I am thinking show, impact and exaggeration. And my imagination is not very good in this field either. When Wilma said rainbow.....well, I thought rainbow (-dress or -top) but the catalogue showed a version with a cloud skirt and a sun hair band and 'ding' that made sense but I would never had thought about it myself. 

The top is made with stretch satin, the sun hut and rain leggings from stretch lame knit fabric and the cloud skirt is organza.
All patterns are self drafted. The top is made with raglan sleeves to make me able to make a continued half circle from shoulder to wrist with the red and orange. My starting point my actually THIS dress. 
The skirt is made from one big rectangle (okay two if you count the piece of cotton I used to make the waistband with.) I sewed the long sides together and then folded the long tube so that the skirt would have a bubbly round hem (like a balloon/bubble skirt). Six sewed tubes (in each side seam plus two front and two back) with a string fastened in the bottom made the gatherings and gave the skirt a cloud shape. The waist is gathered a bit to fit the smaller rectangular waistband  and then further gathered with three rows of narrow elastics.
The leggings is my usual legging pattern. You can see a tutorial HERE.

She seems happy with the result.

Happy Halloween to you all!

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