Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Sunki Dress by Figgy's.

I have always looooved the style of Figgy's patterns but I have never sewn any...until now ta-da.

I'm using the Sunki Dress pattern for a super secret project but first I needed to sew the original and since I love the result (and the process) so much I figured I would show you too.

I have heard some times that Figgy's patterns runs a bit wide and a bit short...which I guess it not the end of the world if you just know it. When looking at W's measurements and the pattern's measurements I decided to make W who turned 7 years old in January a size 6/7 and with a length from the size 8/9 pattern. The width is perfect for her but I might add a bit for length for the next one.

Because there will be a next one....actually there will be many next ones.

I absolutely LOVE this pattern.

The fit is somehow effortless. I love the way those two flaps overlap at the shoulders - a perfect and elegant detail. And I love how the pocket is ingeniously build into the curved seam at the front. And I love how those pleats at the sleeve are drafted with a perfect understated puff sleeve as a result. I have every notch I need (and no unnecessary ones) and this is a seriously pleasant pattern to sew. You basically just want to keep on going.

It has an invisible zipper at the back...and no you can't see it, ha.

Here is a close up of the 'secret' pocket. It's not deep enough - this is how far her hand can go down - but that is a very easy fix too for the next ones.

Ha, it was a windy day. This is the best photo I got of the dress full on frontal.

The fabrics are a very subtle Hello Kitty for Liberty and this gooorgeous cream double gauze with red dots from.....ehhhh, I would say either Miss Matatabi or Imagine Gnats.....but I have not been able to find it in either of their shops so I'm assuming it is sold out. I only have 1/2 yard and I wish I had like 10. I was kind of surprised when I realized it matched the Hello Kitty fabric - I never really imagined those two together.

Get you Sunki Dress pattern HERE.
It also comes in a teen/tween size version.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sleeveless Dress.

Okay, I promise I won't start every post with complaints about my photos BUT I just have to assure you that it is not your vision that is going while looking at this post....most of these photos are slightly (motion) blurred, ha. It was of course a bad idea to photograph a very happy little lady inside (less light, lower shutter speed and allll that stuff I just learned at my photography course) but hey....we live and we learn, right! And I did get that gem of a photo below which I absolutely love so at least there is that!

This dress is pattern i from a Japanese pattern book called Sew Sweet - Handmade Clothes for Girls by Yuki Araki. 
I was immediate attracted to this style in the book which is the first (and only so far) that I have made from this book. Only because it is a new book to me not because there is anything wrong with it, ha,

The dress is made for her two year older sister but when she realized that there was new books and ice-cream involved as payment for the photo shoots (we did 3) that day she begged to get in on the fun. And fits her quite well.
The biggest size in the book is for a 120 cm tall child (and that is what I made) and W is 123 cm. E here is 113 cm tall.

I only changed ONE thing from the original pattern - I added some more width to the bodice (not the yoke).
I simply did it by putting my pattern pieces to fold as usual and then moving both front and back out 4 cm (1 3/4") from the fold and then cut. It simply gives some more gathering and width to the dress.

The yoke is made from this light blue chambray from Kaufman and the flower fabric is this loooovely soft and drapey viscose that I bought a while ago from Fabric Mart for an undetermined project for myself but then W asked so nicely for it and I feel like the more they are involved in what I make for them, the bigger is the chance that they will wear it. I think I need to start hiding the fabrics I want for myself, ha.

I don't think there is a single photo without her making a funny face.

Told ya :-)

Thank you!

Friday, March 6, 2015

The Twisted Trousers and Tank Top.

I don't do a lot of pattern testing but when my god friend and favorite pattern maker Laura from Titchy Threads (blogging at Craftstorming) did a call for testers for her Twisted Trousers I sort of felt the need to apply.
The patterns were actually introduced in my own series Sewing for Kindergarten last September in THIS post. And now they are finally here, yay! And I can already say that they were certainly worth the wait!

The Twisted Tank released a little while ago but is being re-launched together with the Twisted Trousers with the addition of a non-twisted tank top version. And there is a discount for buying both patterns together. Read THIS post for more details.

We went through several rounds of testing and not because Laura does not know what she is doing but because she insists on getting it right. And we all know that pants is one of the hardest garments to fit. There are so many variables with side seams, inseams and crotch seams and then add the fact that the seams (side and inseams) are making that cool twist that you can see on the photo above and you got yourself a real challenge. But she worked it out so way to go!!

Like all Laura's patterns there are plenty of lovely details like a back yoke and pockets, front side pockets and a coin pocket. Plus options for piping and making them fully reversible. 

It is very hard to see in most of the photos but I played with the stripes and cut the back pieces with horizontal stripes and the fronts with vertical stripes. Another way of showing off the twist is using piping or color block. The options are endless.

The waistband is made with knit rib and a wide elastic. I happen to find this gold elastic at Jo Ann the other day in the exact width that the pattern recommend. I sewed it on directly and that worked like a charm. The pattern also have that as an option and it will give you all the info you need.

The Twisted Tank is constructed super cool. There are no side seams and the pattern pieces looks kind of like triangles. I was really really happy that Laura had helping notches on the pattern because then there was no doubt about which sides to put together. Thank you!!!

The pattern gives the option of making the pocket color blocked too like you can see above. I did not quite manage to both match up the stripes in the fabric and the diagonal seam buuuut good enough for me to not redo it, ha.

There is really not any more to say. Both patterns are perfect and contains everything you need for a pleasant sewing experience and a great result that your kid will love too. 

And I'm so happy I do not have any more of that stripy trouser fabric because it is really a pain to photograph, gah.

The two fabrics I used for the tank top is organic interlock knit from Organic Cotton Plus.
(Here is a link for the Stripe. It looks like the navy is sold out at the moment but here is a link to all their other interlock knits).

I took these photos the other day when we FINALLY had some warm weather (for ONE day) but the ground were still muddy after all the melting snow...and guess what the outfit totally worked for a bit of play in mud too!

Get your Twisted Tank pattern HERE.
And your Twisted Trousers HERE.

Thank you!