Wednesday, November 20, 2019

The Sapporo Coat by Papercut Patterns, Review.

THIRD EDIT, Oct 31st 2020: Alice from the blog Queen of Darts have used this post to go through the 2.0 version of the pattern. See her conclusions HERE. Thank you Alice!

SECOND EDIT, Dec 17th 2019: Papercut Patterns has released a new and updated version. I don't know exactly what has been changed. But my blog post should be able to help you check your new version without my help. THIS post from Papercut Patterns explains how to get hold of the new version, if you already purchased the old version.

EDIT, Nov 21st 2019: Since posting this review yesterday, Papercut Patterns has pulled the Sapporo Coat for review. Hopefully they will come to the same conclusions as me and fix the pattern. They have left a comment on my Instagram post HERE and said, if they end up updating the pattern, they will replace the patterns to those who already purchased it. 
So far, so good! 
There's a first time for everything, and today is one of those occasions. I'm posting a review about a pattern I haven't sewn. I did intend to though! But I have limits to how many mistakes I'm going to fix and this pattern way overtakes that number. But the number one reason for deciding not to sew it and still write a review about it, is two sides of the same thing. The thing is, the design of the Sapporo Coat is fabulous. People look fantastic in it, there is no denying that. I most likely would too if I made it. But I don't want to help 'promote'* a pattern that not only has quite a few technical mistakes but also includes a ton of bad sewing practice. 
*here in the sense of putting another good looking Sapporo Coat out in the already brimming pool of mostly good looking Sapporos. I paid for this pattern myself!

Saturday, November 9, 2019

How to Measure and True Seams, Tutorial.

Normally I post about a make and then I add whatever relevant tutorial or technical info to go with it in the post. This will be more of a technical post. Normally I would do those on my Instagram account (under the hashtag #miessewingtips ) but I think it will be too condensed in that format. So let's try this, and see how that goes.

I'm going to try to cover both very basic knowledge, but also a few more steps from that. And I've noticed that just because you are an experienced sewist, it doesn't necessarily mean that you have pattern knowledge, besides how to sew from them. So hopefully this will be helpful for a big group of people.