Saturday, September 10, 2022

Vali Dress by Pattern Fantastique

 Hello friends, it's time for another blog post which means I have a bit more than normal to say about this pattern. You can call it an extended review.

I have talked before about being cautious to try out new to me pattern designers. I have quite firm ideas about how I like patterns to be drafted (aka correctly, lol) and it greatly ruins my sewing experience when I get my hands on a not up to par sewing pattern. Especially because of my promise to always be honest about the experience. I HAVE to talk about it because my integrity as an honest sewing blogger is something I value greatly. Honestly, what is the point of a review if it only mentions the good things?! 

Now I don't only write honest reviews if there's something wrong with the drafting. It can be smaller things too, and much more personal opinion based. And this post is one of those examples.