Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sleeveless Dress.

Okay, I promise I won't start every post with complaints about my photos BUT I just have to assure you that it is not your vision that is going while looking at this post....most of these photos are slightly (motion) blurred, ha. It was of course a bad idea to photograph a very happy little lady inside (less light, lower shutter speed and allll that stuff I just learned at my photography course) but hey....we live and we learn, right! And I did get that gem of a photo below which I absolutely love so at least there is that!

This dress is pattern i from a Japanese pattern book called Sew Sweet - Handmade Clothes for Girls by Yuki Araki. 
I was immediate attracted to this style in the book which is the first (and only so far) that I have made from this book. Only because it is a new book to me not because there is anything wrong with it, ha,

The dress is made for her two year older sister but when she realized that there was new books and ice-cream involved as payment for the photo shoots (we did 3) that day she begged to get in on the fun. And fits her quite well.
The biggest size in the book is for a 120 cm tall child (and that is what I made) and W is 123 cm. E here is 113 cm tall.

I only changed ONE thing from the original pattern - I added some more width to the bodice (not the yoke).
I simply did it by putting my pattern pieces to fold as usual and then moving both front and back out 4 cm (1 3/4") from the fold and then cut. It simply gives some more gathering and width to the dress.

The yoke is made from this light blue chambray from Kaufman and the flower fabric is this loooovely soft and drapey viscose that I bought a while ago from Fabric Mart for an undetermined project for myself but then W asked so nicely for it and I feel like the more they are involved in what I make for them, the bigger is the chance that they will wear it. I think I need to start hiding the fabrics I want for myself, ha.

I don't think there is a single photo without her making a funny face.

Told ya :-)

Thank you!

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