Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Project Run & Play, week four and final. "Oh, Just ZIP It!"

Can you believe it? It is the fourth and final week of Project Run and Play and I am still here. 
What a trip this have been. As fun as it has been, I can't wait to return to regular living life. You know where you take your kids to the playground, make dinner (okay, at least a few times week) and get a shower every day. Yup, after a crazy period your normal boring life always seems more attractive. In other words it is always good to have things put in perspective!

This week is signature style week.

So what is my signature style?

Cosy and comfortable clothes with clean, urban lines that looks stylish by focusing on a great fit, quality materials and techniques plus a few smart details here and there. 

Yup, that's it! That is the way I dress both myself and what I make for my kids.

To me knit dresses is really the essence of comfortable and stylish clothes. Everyone looks AND feels great wearing them. Of course an adult woman has to find the model that fits her specific body type. But kids they can pretty much wear anything, right. My kids certainly love wearing them. 

And when they can twirl like this one - SCORE!

The back has a rounded yoke.
I love the look from the back. You can so clearly see the lines of the dress.

I made this simple scarf with a sweater knit from Jo-Ann's.
The green cotton knit is another buy from Fabric Weekend, LA.

This is actually the very first knit dress I ever made. I mean, not this particular one of course, but the design with the significant and contrasting front V, the long raglan sleeves and the almost full skirt. Originally it was of course a woman's dress because I did not have kids back then and therefor (apparently) no interest in kid's clothes. And I gave it the very obvious name the V-dress....yeah, I wonder why too, ha.
It is really a mystery to me why it has taken me so long to make it into a kid's dress. Oh well, it is here and Wilma has already ordered one too.

The navy knitted belt is by the way from the original adult dress. I have a friend with a knitting machine and he knitted belts to the first ones before I had it produced.....all this a looong time ago. (Did I just make myself sound a 100 years old or what?!) 

Nothing can add style to an outfit like a great jacket. 

I choose to make the Study Hall Jacket from Go To Patterns because it has a relaxed look and fit.....but still stylish! But also because it is such a great basic with potential for the smart features that I have added.

The original pattern have long sleeves but I really wanted to make a short sleeved jacket because it would be perfect with the long sleeved knit dress under. But let's be honest....short sleeves kind of limits the wearability and we are talking kids clothes here. 

Soooo what will satisfy both the designer and Mom in me? Long sleeves with zippers that easily transforms them into short sleeves course, yeah!! I must say I am pretty happy with that detail!

I hid the zipper under a little flap. I think that looks the best.

A detail shot inside the short sleeve.

And the long sleeve attachment. 
And Celina actually said something really clever when she saw this coat. You might actually be able to stretch this coat's use for two years because usually it is the sleeves that becomes too short on the growing kids and with this detail you can simply just make new and longer sleeve attachments. I mean...hello!

The other big thing I changed - and this is more of a design feature than a practical reason - I changed the front of the jacket from an exposed zipper to a build-in hidden zipper.

This requires quite a few changes to the pattern but I thought it was worth it.

Love that the zippers are exposed in the pockets though.

I decided not to put a patch of the wool on the visible part of the pocket bag like you normally would, because I really like a peek of this striped lining. 

Which is also visible in the hood so it all makes sense.
The pattern suggest to put an elastic in the hood opening which I think is a really neat feature to keep it in place when it is up.

Woohoo, facings and lining.

And there we have it....my signature style!

And let me give the last words to Evelyn (and Celina):

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  1. Beautiful work, Mie! Love the details on the coat. I really want the dress in my size, it's gorgeous!

    1. Well Olga....you can have it in your size...I have the pattern ;-)

  2. Awesome Mie!! Knit dresses are so comfy for kids aren't they? The jacket is soooo cool!! I love all the details - you are such a pro!!

  3. You are just amazing, Mie! I LOVE that V dress! And I'm just in awe that the V is so perfect in the front...you're going to have to share the secret to getting it lined up so perfectly. :) The zipped sleeves are so great too! Great job!

    1. Thanks Elisa! Not sure there is another secret but a whole lot of patience....and a seam ripper....This V - even though I have sewed it many times - does never go together perfectly the first time - never! Ugh, but true ;-)

  4. Wow, I love the jacket! Very well done.

  5. I love your contribution this week! Nice dress and coat! Love the fabric!

  6. Love the jacket, and the hidden zip. The dress is beautiful!!!

  7. That is a fabulous dress. The coat is pretty amazing too. Great idea with the zippy sleeves.

  8. You got my vote! I just think your work is amazing!

  9. Ese vestido es una mirada fresca sobre el diseño.

  10. Congrats Mie! This was such an awesome outfit! That jacket still makes my jaw drop.

  11. Love your blog! All your creations are super cool.

  12. What a fabulous jacket--it's perfect in every way and definitely shows off your design aesthetic. I'm too late to vote for you but excited about discovering your blog.

    You're right about knit dresses (and skirts, as well). When I wear knits, I never fail to get comments like, "Wow, look at you all dressed up!" I just have to laugh because knit dresses feel as comfortable as pyjamas... It's our little secret. :)

  13. Beautiful, beautiful work Mie! I never got to tell you during the voting but you did a fantastic job! Congrats on third place. It's the best place in my book (I got third too ;)).

  14. Wow, that is beautiful and so clever with the zippers! I'd totally wear that dress in my size.


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