Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Go to Patterns' Tour - Study Hall Jacket.

Andrea, thank you for inviting me to Go to Patterns' tour.

So as you might remember from a certain Project Run & Play finale this is not my first Study Hall Jacket.
Buuuut my bog girl needed a new jacket too so here we go. And she wanted a pink or a purple one - oh so girly classic.

Luckily I had this pre-quiltet purple fabric in my stash. It is one of those fabrics I like but I can't really put on finger on why, ha.
The rib is a dusty cotton rib and I lined it with a navy french terry to add an extra warm layer. 
This is of course meant as a fall/spring jacket, not a winter jacket. And this is perfect for that.

I kept the hidden zipper feature but did a bigger overlap so there was room for snaps too.

One of the pattern's pocket options are these AMAZING ruffle welt pockets. I absolutely love them.

I am not going to say that welt pockets are easy to make but these ruffled ones are not harder than normal welt pockets. And the instructions in the pattern is nice and clear so go for it.

A look at the french terry lining. This is the not very stretchy type so I was not so worried about mixing it with woven fabric and it worked great.

I love this hood with the elastic in the outer edge. It just gather it slightly and it stays up on the head perfectly without having to fiddle with tie bands.

If you want to make your own Study Hall Jacket you can buy the pattern HERE.

Thank you for coming by!

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  1. awesome! Love it! love everything you do. You are my hero :)

  2. That jacket is fantastic. It would be perfect for our mild winters (Texas). I can't wait to try a boy version. Maybe a baseball style. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Adorable jacket! I usually use fabrics from, but I'll check out your sources too, thanks

  4. Great Jacket!! Really like it.

  5. Nice jacket. Happy kids:)
    My kids love hoodies since I have got Bella hoodies for them.

  6. i cant wait for winter to come around so i can make this!


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