Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sewing for Kindergarten - Groovybaby...and mama

Uhhh, today is extra exciting for me because I have a Danish guest. And not only a Danish guest but one of my favorite Danish bloggers, the lovely and hilarious Trine from Groovybaby...and mama.
Trine makes the type of clothes I love myself. Comfortable, very often in knit but with great great details that makes it stand out big time. She both sews for herself and her kids so there is something for everyone on her blog.

In Denmark the kids start in Kindergarten when they are 6 years old. You know, in case you thought this beautiful little lady above looked at bit older than the other Kindergarten kids we have seen so far.
Trine has made her daughter Wilma (yeeees, we do have more other girl names to choose from, haha) this AMAZING leopard jumpsuit. I am obsessed!

Now go and check it out....okay, okay...Please!

Thank you!


  1. i can see why you love her blog. it is full of amazing clothes! love her maxi dresses. just wish i could translate the whole blog!!

    1. I KNOW Christina....SO many amazing things. Google translate is your friend ;-))

  2. Her work is amazing! This is no exception! and yay google translate! -Rachel


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