Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Project Run and Play, week two. All Wrapped Up!

Phew, made it to week two of Project Run and Play and this week's theme is CANDY.

Let me present to you my look: 

All Wrapped Up!

At first I was a 'deer in headlights' when I realized that week 2 had a candy theme. But suddenly I thought of this amazing neon fluorescent vinyl I bought like 6 months ago.

I hope I am not the only one thinking about candy wrapping paper when I see this vinyl!?

The whole time I had plans of making rain jackets for the girls with it but hmmm, I guess I got busy with other things and pushed this 'big project' ahead of me even though Wilma asked me every week when I was going to make it. Soon sweetheart, soon! Ahem!

I used the Oliver + s Secret Agent Trench Coat pattern as a base for the rain jacket. It has raglan sleeves and well, since it is also a jacket pattern I knew it had the right shape and size too. It even has a girl version with a gathered waist but I decided to go with a detail I have seen in several Japanese sewing books where you sew a wide ruffle on the outside of the fabric to finish off the jacket. This creates a small ruffle above the stitch that I just love.

And in this case with the fluorescent ruffle it is even more perfect than I had anticipated. The vinyl is super fluorescent from the edges and I just love how it stands out. I was a bit worried how I was going to sew it on because I could obviously not sew in gathering threads and my gathering foot did not work with the vinyl either so I simply had to hand fold and gather as I sewed. It worked, phew. Only a bit sweaty afterwards. 

What else did I change from the original pattern? I added a wide front placket with room for double rows of snaps. 

I added a hood - I mean no rain jacket without a hood, right! 

I changed the pockets into sort of a kangaroo style pocket. And I changed the sleeve straps a little bit by making them straight.

When sewing the sleeve straps I used a technique used when sewing with leather. That worked like a charm.

You basically fold the seam allowances on the top strap and put it directly down on another layer of vinyl, stitch 1 mm from the edge and then cut the extra of the bottom layer after sewing, as close to the seam as possible. This way you don't have to sew the two layers right against right and turn inside out...because I am not sure that would have worked very well with this fairly stiff material. These straps have completely square corners and are just the way they should be.

Oh boy my new Juki industrial sewing machine from Gold Star Tool totally saved me from disaster here. The vinyl was harder than I thought to sew in and there was no way my domestic would have made the same result. I am not even sure it would have been possible.... even with the teflon foot I had ordered. It was super nerve racking to sew this. The needle made fluorescent holes so I had only one chance for all the top stitches, ahhhh! And since you can't iron it I had to top stitch everything to make the seams lie down. Phew, it was like a workout to wrestle with it.

I also made a lollipop sweatshirt - I could not make an entry without a bit of color blocking, could I?!
The pattern is self drafted. The shape is classic sweatshirt with raglan sleeves and rib in the neck, sleeve and bottom opening. I tried my best to have the stripes follow all the front from left sleeve over the front to the right sleeve - it aaaalmost worked. 

It is also continuing over the left shoulder and then all the stripes are being faded out on the center back neck seam so the right shoulder is all pink front and back.
Both fabrics are soft and comfortable French terry.

Wilma kept on this clothes after the photo shoot which is always a good sigh, right

Last but not least did I make these super comfortable 21 wale cotton corduroy slouchy pants in this beautiful soft baby pink. The fabric is from Kaufman.
The pants have pleats in the front and a waistband with adjustable elastic. 

Side pockets with a decorative buttoned flap.

 Back welt pockets also with buttons...but this time actually with a purpose....to keep the pockets in place. 
Those buttons...aaaamazing! Wooden painted buttons from, yes you guessed it Lots of Buttons. They have a ton of this type and sooo many cool ones.

And a tapered leg with a fixed fold up at the end of the trouser leg.

In the little intro on the Project Run and Play site I promised you a little funny story on how I realized that I basically just designed (well, it is a classic shape but you know what I mean) and drafted the Figgy's Pattern's Banyan Trousers
So I had help editing my photos from the amazing Celina Bailey and this sunday we were basically constantly in contact. She editing photos and me writing on this post, answering her questions so the photos ended up looking in a way I liked and so on. Lots of fun and for SURE less stressful than doing it myself. I think we all know were my strength is...and it is not photo editing (I wish, but nope).

SO I was writing about these pants and was not sure what the correct English term for that fixed fold up that the pants have was, so I thought I would ask Celina if she knew. She came back to me saying she was not sure (her first language is not English either remember.) but I should check Figgy's Pattern's Banyan Trousers and see what they call it. 
Ooookay, I thought, that was a very specific and detailed answer....you know compared to "try google it" which is the answer I usually give when I don't know the answer to something. So I go check them out and haha, besides for the pocket details these are basically the trousers I have just spend quite some time drafting the pattern for (altering an old trouser pattern I made for my daughter). The pleat in the front, the adjustable waistband, the tapered leg and the fold up (as they, and now me, call it). Oh well! 
And why did Celina have that answer right on hand. Because she had just sewed a pair for her post in my Sewing for Kindergarten-series. Too funny! Well, now we know that I for sure will like what she has made....like I ever doubted that...I LOVE everything she makes! Including her editing.

I mean look what she did with this photo of Wilma looking a bit hmmm thoughtful.

Yes, the storm is coming (the voting storm, hahaaaaha) but first I want to give a BIG THANK YOU to Celina Bailey from Petit a Petit & Family for editing my mediocre photos into these little masterpieces this week. Wow, you are talented my lady!

And to Olga my blogging BFF from Kid Approved for keeping my spirits up when last week's voting results took me by surprise and shocked me for a few days. Don't worry I am over it now. Expectations can be a tricky thing!
By the way she has been sewing along with the candy theme too. You should go and show her some love HERE.

And thank you to all the rest of you blogging friends, real life friends and family and blog readers that came with encouraging comments and fantastic compliments on my week one entry. Of the bottom of my heart - THANK YOU! You have no idea how much it meant!

Oh, and don't you just love those clouds, rain drops etc that Celina added to the photos! Well, you can get them HERE.

Yup, don't you forget it!

Thank you SO much for coming over!
Now head back to Project Run and Play and give me that vote, please!

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