Monday, September 16, 2013

Sewing for Kindergarten - Craftiness is not optional

Today I am going to use the word 'blogging super star' to present my guest. I mean this lady! First of all she has been blogging longer than I even knew blogs existed. She sews the most adorable clothes for her three adorable girls, she is hilarious and she is the type who put star shaped cheeses in her daughter's color coordinated bento lunch box....which normally drives me crazy...but with Jess you know she just can't help it. The parties she is throwing looks like straight from a magazine and her baking looks like a pro decorated it. Yeah, she is pretty much amazing.

Jess has made this perfect Oliver + s outfit for her oldest daughter Ava.

Go check out all the details here:

Thank you!

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  1. aw, shucks lady. You're making me blush! you described my compulsive lunch packing to a T. lol! Thanks for making my day and having me for your series!!


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