Monday, September 9, 2013

Sewing for Kindergarten - Simple Simon and Company / liZ

Welcome to week two of Sewing for Kindergarten. I hope you did not miss the sew along features? Otherwise catch up HERE.

Week two is starting off with LiZ who is part of an amazing and fascinating duo here in blog land.
They are two ladies with the same first name that ended up marrying brothers and therefor ending up with the exact same name. I am sure you can imagine all the confusion it can give. To this day I still have no idea who is who. But not only that...they both have a passion for sewing which lead to their great blog Simple Simon and Company. BUT they are also the ladies behind Project Run & Play and Skirting the Issue. Yeah, wow! 
And did I mention they are hilarious? Find and follow them on Facebook if you don't already do will not regret it!

Today we have LiZ (yeah that is the way we are supposed to keep them apart (??) sewing for her daughter Grace, who insists on wearing 'real school skirts or dresses' to school every day. So funny. LiZ is calling this skirt 'Get in Line'.

Now skip to their blog to see the rest of the skirt.

Thank you!

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