Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sewing for Kindergarten - Charming Doodle

When I was searching for participants for this series of course I also asked my Sewing Rabbit Creative Team friends if they had any Kindergartners this year....and I was super lucky. Two of them did and Elisa from Charming Doodle was one of them. (The other one was suppose to come on later this week but, ahem I used all her time this sunday having her edit all my week two Project Run and Play photos so we have pushed her post a few weeks).
Elisa is fairly new at sewing but that does not keep her from starting up big projects like a reversible quilted vest (did you see that POST?) or like here sewing welt pockets. And not only is she starting them, she is also finishing them with amazing results. I am so impressed!

Elisa's daughter Emerald (Emma for short) goes to a school where she has to wear a uniform and can only wear navy, khaki or black pants. So what does a Mom who sews do....sew some cute navy pants of course. And because Elisa is just plain amazing she also made a paint skirt, a nap mat and a pocket for her school issued book bag. 
OH, and on her site there are scheduled tutorials for it all. Today is the nap mat.

So what are you waiting for...off you go:

Thank you!

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