Friday, April 26, 2013

KCW: (Day 2, 3, 4 & 5) Top and Shorts.

Seriously there are people out there who sew an outfit a day during KCW. What? I am ehhhhhh not one of them. This top and shorts took me four days...and we were even stuck in the house tue- and wednesday because E had a fever, ha I guess I am taking a break from that super fast sewing I used to do. Well, at least I am super happy with the result. 

The top is a bit of a remix. Two Japanese patterns both from THIS book. Most of the top is from pattern D but the sleeves are from pattern K and since both D and K are made from the same bodice you don't have to change a thing. Score!

Love those little pockets.

The shorts are the newly released Bubble Pocket Shorts from E&E Patterns (I tested them HERE). This time in the classic version (I tested the sailor version).
Since I already made them in same type of fabric only in green I had no intentions of making another pair in same fabric. BUT after sewing the top my eyes fell on that blue fabric and it was just oh so perfect for it. AND W complained that the green ones were scratching her so I don't have much hope for her wearing them. The fabric is quite soft and I have no idea what she is talking about but you all know that when a child has that opinion about some clothes then that's the way it is. Argh!

So I decided to fully line them which was actually super easy. Simply cut the shorts pattern pieces twice and of course skip the pockets for the lining fabric part and you can also skip the waistband facing all together because you can simply just sew the outer and lining fabric together at the waist. Agreed it would of course be even prettier if the waistband facing was there and the lining shortened to start under the facing but since the whole point of this lining was no outer fabric touching the skin I skipped it.
I had to change the leg cuffs a bit because they originally just are double height folded and again that would mean outer fabric against the skin. So I folded the leg cuff pattern piece in half lengthwise added seam allowance and cut two in outer fabric and two in lining fabric and voila the shorts are fully lined.

And I am happy to report that she has worn them all day since the photo shoot this afternoon so I think they are approved, phew!

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