Tuesday, April 23, 2013

KCW: Summer version of My Inner Grandma dress.

As you probably know KCW (Kids Clothes Week) is here. To give a super short introduction: Meg from the great blog Elsie Marley came up with an idea to get of the sofa and into the sewing room: creating momentum by getting all interested to sign up to sew kids clothes 1 hour a day for 7 days straight. I think the success even surprised herself and it has turned into a seasonal sewing challenge with literally hundreds sewing along. In other words lots of fun!

My little distracted girl....at least she stood still!
I started with a summer version of my self drafted My Inner Grandma dress. Short sleeves and some thin sooooft jersey from the amazing knit only webshop Girl Charlee Fabrics. I love that leopard (but okay I kind of love all leopard so no surprise there).

Now we just need the summer to come back to North Carolina because the last couple of days has been so cold I had to turn the heating back on.
Oh and just in case you wondered....no, this dress did not just take one hour to make, ha!

You can check out my Instagram for my next project. (See sidebar).

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