Sunday, April 7, 2013

Leggings bombardement.

Okay, I might have went a little overboard but they are kind of fun to find color combinations for.....AND the kiddos needed leggings (well not any more thanks to freak Mom!).
I am sure you remember THESE pants...and I have already made them in a skirt version and then the other day (when I was thinking that it was too bad W was not wearing them that much) it hit me that a legging version would be way way more practical. My kids, like most kids, LOVES leggings.
I already had a previously made legging pattern for each of them so it was just a matter of putting on the lines and then trace AND add seam allowance (yes, Olga that was for you my friend ;-) to each piece individually.
And choose, cut, sew, (photograph if you are a blogger) and done!


Any favorites?
The match the top version is by the way another sneak peek of my second item from a Japanese sewing book. Such a cute cute top.
Stay tuned! 

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