Monday, April 15, 2013

W's dream dress

Don't say I did not warn you (in THIS post) that another item made from a Japanese Sewing book was coming up. Aaaaaand here it is.
It is even so super coincidental that this dress fits perfectly with Project Run & Play's fourth and final week's theme: Spring Formal Wear. So this post will be linked to their sew along link party.

Japanese Craft book. Girl's clothing #2890. By Akiko Mano
It is from this book and yes that is that dress from the cover.

Bubble dress with a completely simple upper bodice and some cute side pockets. And yes thank you for noticing how the squares on the pocket and flap matches up. Usually I forget those small details before I am half way through sewing it. 

Oh, and I guess I should explain why this is W's dream dress. Okay, it might be a slight exaggeration but she has been asking me to sew her something in this fabric for a long long time. And this fabric combined with a princess type of dress will always be a winner for my little-getting-SO-big-and-starting-in-Kindergarten-soon W. 
This fabric has woven in some type of fibers that gives the fabric a shiny surface effect. Quite cool. Hard to see on these photos though, argh!

The dress can totally be used without the belt and I am kind of annoyed with myself for forgetting to take a photo without it. Oh well!

I will try to stay away from those books for a little bit to not tire you out...but I am not promising anything!!

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