Thursday, May 2, 2013

Who wants this skirt? It's GIVE AWAY time!!

Okay people this is seriously exciting for me.....and hopefully also for you.
My first give away!
I was actually planning that my first give away was going to be in the end of next week with the aaaamazing knit webshop Girl Charlee when I am doing my first guest post on Project Run & Play as one of their sew-along-friends. 
I know!!! 
That previous sentence contains so much exciting news for my little blog here that I can barely take it. I mean give aways with an external amazing sponsor AND guest posting on one of the blogs that I have been following since I discovered this amazing world of sewing blogs. Friday the 10th of May is the day so please don't miss that. 

BUT before we get to that I realized I needed to test this give away thing. More precisely I needed to test The PunchTab that will help you earn entries and me to (hopefully) keep track of everything. It is not set up directly for Bloglovin (like it is with Facebook and Pinterest) so I am kind of curious if that will work. Cross fingers!

And it is actually so lucky that I have made this skirt a couple of months ago and when I was finished I decided to either try to sell it or give it away here on the blog. I never came around to the selling part sooooooo who want to win this skirt?

The skirt is made in this beautiful 100% cotton voile from Victoria & Albert Museum for Westminster/Rowan Fabrics. Collection: Bromley Voile. Color: navy. Because this fabric is slightly sheer I have lined it with a simple navy 100% cotton voile. The lace is a drop crochet lace in 100% polyester. It is sometimes super hard to photograph neon colors....but the lace is totally classic pink neon. You can see the color better in THIS post.

The skirt has an elastic waist and is measuring: 73 cm / 28.7 inch when not stretched out. Which means you at least have to have that measurement where you normally wear your skirts to fit it. But is can for sure be stretched to at least 80 cm / 31.5 inch and still be comfortable to wear.
BUT I also wants to add that since this is a skirt with an elastic gathered waist you can VERY easily and I would almost say with minimum sewing skills either tighten the three narrow elastics that runs in the three casings or change them to longer ones. All you need is access to a sewing machine and I have a feeling quite a lot who reads this blogs has that, right!?
The full length of the skirt is: 60.5 cm / 23.8 inch.
My guess is that with this current elastic length it is a size 38 (euro) / 8 (US).

I just want to show you a photo of the skirt on the inside because I managed to make it with no visible seams and you know that always makes me happy.

Log in to the PunchTab below using your Facebook account or email.
So knock yourself out and for the sake of my desire to get more followers please try to earn as many entries as you can.
Please don't hesitate to ask me if you have any questions.

The winner will be announced here on the blog saturday the 11th of May 2013 so make sure to check back in.


  1. I follow you on Bloglovin now!

  2. The skirt is gorgeous! I would've entered but it 'snot my size. Bummer, So if you deide to make another one in my size and send it to me, I'll appreciate that. :) Just kidding.

  3. Hi again! I nominated you for the Liebster blog award. You can read more about it here:

  4. yay that skirt would actually fit - following on bloglovin

  5. I love this skirt! I follow you on bloglovin'!

  6. I am a new follower and I just love the skirt it would be perfect to wear to my Gsons high school graduation.

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  9. ooops I'm more like size 40 or 42 :( but I'll try, my sister would love it.


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