Friday, May 31, 2013

2013 Sewing Rabbit Creative Team

As if me being on my way to Fabric Weekend 2013 and GNO in Los Angeles like right now is not exciting enough (read all about it HERE) then I have another veeeery exciting announcement:

I have been chosen as a contributing member of the 2013 Sewing Rabbit Creative Team.
I knooooooooooow! 
Once a month me (and a bunch of other really talented ladies (see them all HERE) are having a guest post on the blog Me Sew Crazy who is run by one of the people in the blogging world that I admire the most, the AMAZING Jess. 
I mean not only is she making her own blog that always have relevant and interesting posts, she is also participating in blog series and Project Sewn (where she of course made it to the finale - results today friday 31st - so maybe you should check that out too). But she is also the woman behind the amazing site SewSet where YOU can upload your patterns and tutorial for sale or for free, she arranges Girl's Night Out (I am attending my first one this weekend in Los Angeles which means I am actually going to meet her...and a lot of other amazing ladies) and The Digital Needle. And now she is giving smaller blogs like me a chance to showcase our stuff 'on the big screen'. Totally totally excited.
So keep an eye out for my first guest post there in June. Oh, and don't worry if you follow Sewing Like Mad I will for sure let you know when it is posting....(and I know you otherwise would, right!)
If you are a new reader coming from Me Sew Crazy to check out the new kid(s) in class (welcome!!) you can see some of my personal favorites and the links to the blog posts below.

Here are the links to the photos in the collage above.

Top row from left:
Celine pants knock off.
Japanese bubble dress.
Bulle de Savon knock off.
Knit culottes.
Red shirring shirt dress.
Jersey dress with a vintage feel.
My inner Grandma jersey dress.
Peplum sweatshirt.

Middle row:
Free printable separate collar pattern.
Summer jersey dress.

Bottom row:
Color block leggings.
Cotton summer skirts tutorial.
A-line skirt with snaps and pockets.

I have also updated my Sewing Tutorials page here on the blog and you can find all my tutorials so far there plus at SewSet.....many more to come with this new 'job'.
Anything specific you are dreaming of me making tutorials about?....within the sewing and pattern drafting area!...then leave me a comment, thanks!

See you soon again here and there!


  1. Congratulations! You must be over the moon excited!

  2. I love your blog and am so excited to see your posts on the Sewing Rabbit!

  3. That sounds like such an amazing opportunity, I hope your meet up goes well!

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