Monday, May 6, 2013

A whole lot of shirring, dots and a dress.

Sometimes I really don't use my patterns enough. I made the kids shirt version of this pattern for season 4 of Project Run & Play - signature style back in May 2012 and the month after I made it into this shirt dress and then.......nothing. And I mean I really really like it so there is absolutely no reason for not sewing some more items with this pattern.

Not long ago I tested E&E Pattern's Bubble Pocket Shorts and for the photos I styled them with the shirt and Justine (Sew Country Chick) left me a comment saying that she liked the shorts but WHERE was that shirt from and that made me finally dig out that pattern had made it quite a long way down in pattern box, as you can probably imagine.

This time around I fixed the way too long top part that I am mentioning in the first shirt dress post - so yes waist seam is actually placed in the waist area this time - and I added pockets (which is kind of obvious in this model, right!)
I also added another things that was 100% random but a detail I am sooooo happy for. 

When I did the final fitting on W (as in it was done and I was just checking things looked they way I expected them to look) I noticed that yes the dress was too big on her waist - because it was always intended to be worn with a belt so it was supposed to be big - but it kind of fitted her front and all the extra was on her back. And ding a light bulb went off in my head and I got the idea to add shirring just on the back waist like you can see on the next photo. 

What do you think? Is the dress missing its belt or you prefer this model?

Btw did you notice that everything in the background is wet in these photos - incl. W's hair? Well, it has been a bit of a crazy weather day here in North Carolina. It has been pouring down all afternoon and W was out having fun in the rain (until the thunder came and I called her in) and suddenly we literally went from rain directly to sun. I don't remember ever seeing anything like it. But it was just what I needed to take these photos.


  1. It is a perfect dress. I love it.

  2. That dress and your little girl are so darling!

  3. Mie, den er fuldstændig fantastisk. Perfekt med smock'en bag på!


  4. Perfect as it is, Mie!!! The shirring has done the trick and it sits beautifully.

  5. The dress is super cute. The waist line looks super good. Belts are nice, but they aren't as practical in my opinion. :)

  6. I really love this. It has a little bit of a forties look that is just adorable! Please make a pattern!

  7. When will the graded pattern for a top or dress up to 8-10 year old sizing be available? : ) Gorgeous dress, I love the styling and the pockets and both the belted and unbelted versions

  8. Hejsa, jeg er ny læser :)

    Jeg elsker når det siger 'ding' :D

    Kjolen kan helt klart bruges både med og uden bælte - men jeg fangede ikke helt hvor mønsteret var fra?

    1. Hej velkommen ny laeser. Moensteret har jeg selv lavet ;-)


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