Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sewing for Kindergarten - Day 6

Did you catch the outerwear edition yesterday? Weren't they aaaaamazing!!
Go get Olga's and Justine's posts if you missed them.

My first guest is the amazing Alida from Alida Makes.
Yeah, I know...she needs no further introduction. This beautiful woman, inside and out, who can sew and photograph like a champ, has great modern style and is not afraid to share her opinions and be vulnerable. I have met her in real life....this is her...not just something she is pretending - yeah, I really admire her! 

Alida recently published the great great eBook Style That Kid! which I had the pleasure of reviewing and absolutely loved.

Thank you Alida!

See Alida's full post HERE.

My second guest is the fabulous Jen from A Jennuine Life.
Jen works as a part time accountant, Mom to two girls and still finds time to sew, blog and make sewing patterns. So far she has made the Matinée Dress and the LOL Swing Top. Impressive.

Let's head over and see what this dress is all about. It looks amazing and I want to see more.

Thank you Jen!

See Jen's full post HERE.


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