Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Mulberry Tunic - Dress Remix

So while my blog was occupied showing one cool and/or cute kindergartner after the other in Sewing for Kindergarten I have been in the sewing room and for once have a backload of things to blog about. 
First up is a remix I have wanted do to for a very long time. Turn the Mulberry Tunic from Kid Approved Patterns into a dress with an elastic waist.

You might look at this photo and think....hmmm, I thought she said turn it into a dress?!?! Well, yes that's what I said, ahem. And when I wanted to try said dress on a certain 4 year old halfway through the process, it was a big "NO THANK YOU." Ugh!

Luckily big sister was super interested in the purple thing that totally looks like it has been sent on a little time travel from the 70's (and to be clear, I totally love it like that.) BUT big sister is not the same height as the 4 year old that I measured the extension after. So I guess we are back at a longer-ish tunic with an elastic waist.
I originally cut the pattern's long sleeves - which of course were too short for big sister W, so instead I shortened them some more and made 3/4-sleeves instead. 
Problem solved, ha.

I have blogged about these leggings in THIS post.
Or actually these are a pair looking like one of the pairs in that blog post because she fell and made a big hole in the other ones and this color combination was her faaaaavorite so of course Mommy made her a new pair.....after like 8 months of asking for them, ahem.

Both fabrics are 100% cotton and the purple from the sleeves, back and skirt is from Fabric Mart. And the other fabric I simply can't remember....all I know is that W now matches her room since this is leftover fabric from the curtains I have made her, ha.

So the only changes I did to the pattern besides making it longer plus changes to the sleeves (which I will come back to in a bit) was making a casing right under the front yoke and on the back piece too of course, in which I inserted an elastic to give a more fitted look. Super simple but with a great effect.

Here is a close up of the sleeve. I made a bias covered slit (see tutorial in THIS post) and then a tie band also with homemade bias tape. The 70's vibe is complete!

The purple buttons are from Lots of Buttons.

I want to thank Celina from Petit a Petit & Family for her help. I could not figure out if I should photograph this dress in a contrasting location or go with the flower child theme. I think you can guess what she suggested, ha and I'm so happy with the result.
And when she said flower crown I knew exactly what to do (thanks H&M).
Told you she is a constant inspiration to me :-)

Buy your Mulberry Tunic sewing pattern HERE.

Thank you!

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