Monday, September 8, 2014

Sewing for Kindergarten - Day 5

Welcome to Sewing for Kindergarten's second and last week. Did you catch Monica's and Sara's amazing posts last friday?
Do you remember I wrote how they are both intelligent ladies with a great humor....well, it turned out they also both have a biology degree. I guess they were more alike than I originally thought - fun.

Today we are having an outerwear edition....correction....AMAZING outerwear/blazer edition.

First up is my blogging BFF Olga (another lady with great humor and intelligence btw). Olga from Kid Approved is the one I chit chat with on a daily basis, just as much private subjects as blogging and I think of her as a real friend even though we never met (but one day we will, I least we live on the same continent!)
Olga is also part of Willow and Co Patterns and designed the great Mulberry Tunic.

Olga is much better at sewing than she thinks and the aaaaaamazing swing coat above speaks for itself. WOW!I mean....just WOW - I want one!!

Olga also told me she has made what her daughter is wearing under, so I would suggest we all hurry over to see what that is (but don't miss my second guest, okay!)

Thank you Olga!

See Olga's full post HERE.

My second guest is Justine from Sew Country Chick.
I had the pleasure of sharing room with her in LA at Fabric Weekend and let me tell you, this lady is hilarious and full of fascinating stories from her former Beverly Hills housewife life (for real, not the reality series) now turned fashionable farm housewife, growing her own vegetables in a stunning house outside LA. 

Justine's daughter wears a uniform in Kindergarten and Justine, who has recently started exploring the sewing techniques of couture, dressmaker and tailoring, has made her this insanely cute blazer jacket. I know it has some cool details such as hand-stitched hair canvas interfacings, (whatever that is - please enlighten us Justine!)  

Thank you Justine!

See Justine's full post HERE.

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  1. Thank you for such a great introduciton and a boost of confidence. You are the best BFF I girl can hope for! :) Love you! :)


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