Friday, September 5, 2014

Sewing for Kindergarten - Day 4

Last day in the first week of Sewing for Kindergarten is here - wait, didn't it just start?
Make sure to catch up on Abby's and Suz's post from yesterday in case you missed them.

My two guests today are both new, but good, sewing friends and even though I'm pretty sure they are different personalities they have two things in common that I appreciate very much in people: humor and intelligence - especially at the same time!

First up is Sara, that lives in Portugal and blogs at Made by Sara.
I first 'met' her during testing some of the patterns for Willow & Co Patterns and when I saw her first item, I was like....wait, this lady can really REALLY sew. And as you can see above, she also have amazing style! Win-win!

Thank you Sara!

See Sara's full post HERE.

My next guest is Monica from Adirondack Inspired.
Monica lives in the mountains and I just discovered that she has a 'Explore with me' tab on her blog with the most stunning and cool photos from her beautiful family's adventures. I can highly recommend checking that out.

Monica's photo's always has this beautiful dreamy feel to them and I can't wait to see the full outfit she made her cute kindergartner. It certainly looks promising on the above photo.

Thank you Monica!

See Monica's full post HERE.

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