Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Pleated Pencil Skirt - Flower Edition

Warning: These photos are taken in direct sunlight and included a very sweaty 'model' in a thick blouse and with squinting eyes. Ugh, so sorry! But I have had this skirt finished forever (okay, a couple of weeks) and we have had builders in the house since then...and I do NOT take photos of myself with builders as an audience. (and yeah I know...I'm weird since the photos are for a public blog - but somehow taking photos and showing photos are two different things to me. Is that just me??) 
Finally this saturday lunch time hubby took the kids out and I finally had the house to myself - super hot September mid day or not....this was the time.

So what was so important to take photos of that it had to be done in less than optimal conditions? The answer is another Pleated Pencil Skirt from Delia Creates. Well, my remixed version of the pattern that includes a visible zipper all the way down the center front.
I have already made THIS one (includes tutorial to zipper) which I love love love, and seriously what is better than to just pull out a pattern, cut and sew it knowing it will fit you perfectly because you have already done the fitting and alteration the first time you made the pattern.

I did actually do a fitting though because this flower printed denim (Hancock Fabrics) has quite a lot of stretch - can you say coooomfortable - but for some reason there was no need for any further fittings. It fits like a glove.

And can I just spend two seconds talking about my scoop of a top/blouse. The girls and I walk past H&M and we all see this in the window. We are all in love and the girls demand me to buy it. I'm sure it will be made of yucky polyester (the fabric is thick like scuba diving suit material) but to my delight it is 100% cotton - woop woop, score!! I can't wait for the weather to cool down so I can wear it.....like for real.

A look from the back. 
I really should have straightened up the skirt before I took this photo, shouldn't I. Oh well.

I have a feeling I'm going to live in this skirt from now on. And when my husband came back, I was looking at the photos I had taken and he asks: "Wow, did you make that skirt?" Looking down at actual me and the concluding "Oh, you are wearing it!"
Ha, men are funny. And even though I mostly dress for my own sake and taste, it is always good to know that hubby likes it too.

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