Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Project Run & Play - sew along, week 2: sports wear.

First of all I'm very excited to present something here on my blog that I have just made...actually did the last stitches earlier today.
And then I better give some kind of explanation to those of you who does not know what Project Run & Play is....a month ago I was one of them. You can check out their website here: Project Run & Play. In a few words it's a online competition for bloggers who are sewing children's clothes and each season 8 bloggers are invited to compete. BUT there is also a sew-along-competition where everyone can upload their bid to their flickr group on the theme of the week. 
So I decided to try out the sew along competition and see what happens but missed the first week because of a lovely throat inflammation - yuck!
So here we are at week two with a much better throat, the theme is sports wear and I have made this sweat shirt dress with a wavy yoke, front placket with snaps and a hut. 
The materials are stretch cotton jersey (navy and stripe), cotton navy rib and coral cotton quilting fabric (okay, try saying that after a couple of glasses of wine).

I took some photos along the way but this is not a complete tutorial to the whole dress.
Further down there will be a mini tutorial though for hemming the dress with a wide bias binding that includes a lille piping - two-in-one-hemming in other words!
These were the pattern parts I started with....I thought I was going to make a sweat shirt and later some pants....but decided to make a dress during the sewing process. Very typical me to do something like that.

Back side of pocket.
My little design process.
Sewing on the placket.

The last stitch on the placket.
Here you can see the finish placket's front and back side.
Now to the hard part sewing the wavy yoke to the shirt part. It's difficult because you are sewing top and bottom curves together and it does not feel like they fit each other when you have it in the machine. It's important to cut a lot of matching notches  and needle them together before you start to sew.

Just wanted to show you this nice detail. Covering the neck seam with a piece of rib knit. I had never done it before but seen it in my husbands t-shirts and thought it would look nice.

Okay and here come the mini tutorial for the two-in-one-hem:

Cut your bias biding the same length as your hem plus seam allowance, on bias (of course :-) and the width that you want (I cut it 5 cm/2 inch). Put it right side against right side and sew 1 cm (or whatever seam allowance you use) like you can see on the photo above.

Iron the seam allowance up inside the dress.
Now bend the bias binding so that like 2-3 mm are sticking out under the hem and iron so that the piping is easier to sew. 
Stitch the piping exactly where the bias binding has been sewed on the dress. 
Iron  the other side of the bias binding with your preferred seam allowance (mine 1 cm) so you are ready for last stitch that will finish the hem.
Stitch the bias binding to the dress.


  1. You make it sound soooo easy :) And I bet it took you just a couple of hours to make it? :) Well done!!

    1. Hmmm no don't worry it did actually take me quite a while to make it because of all the details. And when I made the first version of the wavy pattern a while ago it took me FOREVER and a couple of tries :-)

  2. Super fint Mie!! Sig til hvis du mangler drengemodeller - ville elske hvis du kreerede til den side også.

    1. Ja, det skal jeg nok Anne. Men drengetoej er bare svaert! De er mere begraenset i farver, former og moenstre og det er jo alt sammen ting jeg godt kan lide at faa proppet ind i mine designs :-) Maaske man skulle tage det som en udfordring :-)


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