Monday, April 9, 2012

The first post!

This is what I have made the last year - give or take.
Ooookay it kind of looks like a lot when you hang it like that....but don't worry a lot of it is made from the same patterns (in other words I'm not completely nuts and my kids do get fed on occasions :-)

Unless it says something else I have made the patterns myself.
I'm going to make sewing tutorials along the way on some of these things.....I want you to come back, right!

I have raided the kid's closet and found most of what I have made like the last year. 

Love corduroy and color block....there is no denying it!!

Yep, more corduroy....and some quilting fabric for variation. The pink skirt is Oliver + S Hopscotch Skirt.

I love jersey dresses for girls. They look fabulous and they still feel comfortable. I kind of dress that way myself too!
5 versions of Oliver + S Hopscotch, have I really made that many of the 'same' dress?! Oh well, they have been used a lot.
2 versions of Oliver + S Ice cream Dress. I think the pattern is very wide and I added smock in the waist to one of them. That worked very well and gave the dress a completely new (and better) look, yay! 
Oliver + S Music Box shorts...with and without piping.
A little section of vests in prequilted fabrics....yeah, I'm not really quilting my own fabrics (yet?!)
Oliver + S Music Box Jumper with original sleeves and a shorter version with elastic. I'm so going to extend that to a dress......very soon!!
The pants with chambray and leopard was the first try at making a cut like that so they are kind of simple and has no pockets. 
Here you see the second pair in purple and navy corduroy (of course!) and with purple back pockets. I'll show more photos with details another good time. My nephew was the lucky one....he ended up with a pair in dark denim and dark grey corduroy with all the details like front and back pockets and belt loops...yep, lucky boy :-)

That's it....first post....oh by the way did I mention that I really like color?
See you!

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