Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The bow.

The blog has been a little quiet this week but I can assure you that is not because I have not been sewing. I'm just not ready to blog about it yet. 
I'm working on a few things for a friend's daughter and since the Mom is a (almost :-) professional photographer I'm hoping she will take some cool photos I can put on my blog.....buuut that requires that I'm actually done with the things, right!

So what's up with this silly bow Evelyn put on this morning?
Well a while ago Wilma ordered (yes, that's the way it works, sigh) a Minnie Mouse bow. She had one to a doll and wanted one for herself too. Silly Mommy here thought that I could be a little creative and actually make a cute one in a nice fabric. But noooooo it had to be exactly that pink satin one with white dots that her doll have. Which I guess I could have figured out myself dealing with a 4 year old on a daily basis. So yes, that was a lovely waste of time....until yesterday where I suddenly see her wearing it in the play room and somehow it ends up down stairs on the floor and Evelyn picks it up this morning and wants me to help her put it on. And lucky me gets some happy smiling photos out of it as you can see....One of them with Wilma slightly out of focus - argh, that fancy camera (husband's) and that amateurish photographer (me!!!).....but never the less with happy smiles!

The bow is very easy to make.
Sew a long tube and then stitch it in the middle to make room for two narrow elastics in the size of your child's head (minus a little bit to make it stay on there).
The bow is a rectangle, sewed double and then gathered in the middle with a little piece of nice ribbon. DONE!

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