Thursday, April 12, 2012

The blue dress

First of all I wish I looked like that in the morning and not big puffy eyes and crazy hair!
Second this is a good example of why I love jersey dresses. 
She wore it all day yesterday plus she slept in it too (yes, she really love this blue dress) and it still looks like the way it did when I pulled it out of her closet....okay, except a couple of spots here and there but you know what I mean :-) 
This was a model I had in my former company 'Pilborg' (my family middle name - yes, we have stuff like that in Denmark :-) And I have always (okay, since I had kids) wanted to make it for children. The joy was even bigger when it worked in first try.
Stretch fabrics can in some ways be a bit harder to make patterns for because you can not only rely on measurements. You have to take into consideration how much stretch there is in the fabric. If you made a jersey dress following a persons measurements you would be quite certain to end up with a dress that is too big. My advice to someone who wants to make their own jersey pattern is to use a t-shirt/dress (with fairly the same stretch as the fabric you want to use) as a starting point and then work your way from there. And then of course have a fitting or two along the way.

Morning photo with slippers and corn flakes.

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  1. The blue dress is lovely (and so is the model!!!).
    What did you use for the trim?
    Love your blog, by the way.


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