Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Everything looks better on....(if it fits you and all that :-)

There was no way I was going to plan a photo shoot expecting them to put on all the clothes I showed in The first post. Everyone who has kids at a certain age (hmmm, I wish I could be more specific but I really do not know when  this I'm-against-most-things-Mommy-asks-age is over??). 
So whenever I get a chance I'll take photos of the girls wearing what I have made. 
This is what Wilma wore to preschool today. 

After my opinion the perfect school attire. All in soft stretchy cotton and with leggings under so they can still roll around and stick their legs up in the air....if that's what they feel like....and they might do....and they are so welcome to.
Okay enough with the rhyming and on with the day!


  1. Mie, your blog is great! I loved seeing all your creations hanging on the fence together. What a great collection! Thanks for sharing your passion with us. Can't wait for a tutorial!

  2. I wandered here from the o+s flickr group. I love your style.

    1. Welcome and thank you. Please come by another good time :-)


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