Monday, February 29, 2016

Sew Japan Guest Post from Petit a Petit and family.

You are in a for a treat today. My incredible and always inspiring friend Celina is guest posting here today. She explains why just below.

Hello! My name is Celina and I blog over at Petit a Petit and family. I have an amazing team of contributors, Mie being one of them. When Mie and I were discussing dates for her next post and we settled on the 29th of February, I felt a little jealous! I mean how often does one get to say they posted on the 29th? So we had the brilliant idea for me to guest post, and that is why I am here today! Mie and I also share the love for Japanese sewing books and so this month I am sharing my #sewjapan post here. I hope you will come and link up on the Petit a Petit Blog, we have a really awesome giveaway and you will get to see what beautiful outfits Mie has sewn.

I decided to sew from two of my favourite Japanese books, an oldie and a recent purchase. They happen to both be from the Heart Warming Life Series and both A sunny Spot

Let's start with the oldie: Everyday Girl Clothes. I chose to make pattern B option C. 

I wanted a simple top which would showcase the beautiful print of the fabric. 

The fabric is called Jubilee Printed Matter Line Dripping and it's by Yasunobu Shimizudani for Kokka. I got it from Miss Matatabi's a while ago and had just enough for this top. 

Well not quite, so I colour blocked it with some Michael Miller Cotton couture. When guest posting on Mie's blog, one must colour block! (yes, yes they do! Mie) So it turned out great that I was a little short. 

I did make a few modifications to the pattern, for one I wanted to make it more like a crop top to showcase the pleats of the skirt, so I removed about 10-15cm in the length and about 8cm to the back- giving it a bit of a high low hem. 

I also opted to only add one button at the back. When I tried the top on for fit I liked the way the top looked with the opening in the back. Also that meant I would only have to make one buttonhole... Major Bonus! 

Next I made a skirt. 

From Girl's Simple Clothes: A sunny spot. 

It's pattern #19 and comes with cutting and sewing instructions only. No patterns. I hope I did it right! 

I used a stripe knit I had on hand. If you read my blog, then you will have seen this fabric many times already. I am a little obsessed with it and still have enough for maybe make one more thing! 

It has the perfect hand and weight, not too flimsy and not too thick.

I made one modification, I added some length to the skirt. I pretty much doubled the length. I wanted the skirt to be more of a midi length. I love that my daughter will be able to wear the skirt for a few years. 

And it's perfect for twirling. 

To complete the look I added a little boater's straw hat from H&M, some tight's from Gap and sandals from Zara. I also added a fabric necklace, you can find the tutorial here.

Thanks so much for having me guest post Mie, I am really looking forward to sewing through all of my Japanese books with you this year! This was fun! 

We hope to see all your wonderful Japanese inspired outfits, don't forget to link up here


Ahhhh, such a perfect outfit and stunning fabric choices. I love the alterations you did to the patterns Celina. Thank you so much for joining the post-on-February-29th-movement.
Hugs Mie


  1. Yay! Thanks for having me post on your blog today! This was so much fun. <3

  2. Ok this is all amazing! LOVE I want that fabric, and I want to make this top in color block, you did really good by following our masters rules heheh! That skirt turned out gorgeous! <3 <3 <3 Fab styling!

  3. I love this outfit, Celina! You always do such amazing combinations - so inspiring! That twirly skirt is perfect, and the top is something I totally would have passed over, but now seeing your version, I want to give it a try! I love how you Mie-ified it!!

    1. Thanks Emi! And yes, I really wanted a super simple top and it it turned out just like I wanted. Super easy to sew too. <3

  4. A perfect outfit. I love the combo of the stripy fabric with floral and pink. Of course there has to be colour-blocking on Mie's blog!


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