Thursday, February 25, 2016

Burda Style Oversized French Terry Cardigan.

I feel like I talked so much about this cardigan in my previous post, that I really just needed to show it to you.
So I got it together and did a quick photo shoot today.

It's my first version of the Burda Style Open Shawl Collar Jacket 11/2015 #103A made with French Terry only. That definitely gives it a cardigan feel and look but can of course be used outside for a spring day too.

I didn't add a closure to this one and honestly I mostly wear it without the belt (and yes, I wear it all the time!) but I think it looks best with the belt, so that's what I choose to do for this photo shoot. But I did take a few photos without the belt too.

Here you can see it without the belt. Not too bad, ha.

Here is another look at that fascinating and fun pieced front bodice/shoulder seam.


Again I really just prefer the sleeves rolled up. It might be because I think it balance the oversized bodice or something...I'm not sure why?!

I sewed this as a cardigan and used my cover stitch a lot. I also skipped the interfacing in the facing/collar because I wanted a softer look.
If you look really carefully you might be able to see that I cover stitched the front facing to the front bodice. I like closed up facings in knit garments.

You really get quite a good ides about how the pattern is drafted with this stripy version. Here you can see how the back and sleeves are one big piece - with a CB seam though.
It uses a ton of fabric. Close to 3 yards but with fairly big leftover pieces of course.

Okay, I think I have covered everything I wanted to say about this pattern now, ha.
HERE is a link to the previous post in case you missed it.

And I realized that I lied when I said I made it two times. I have actually made it three times. My sister is getting one too for her birthday this Sunday. I had a hard time giving that one away. It's made in even softer fabric so it's really slouchy and just soooo lovely to wear.

Thank you!

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