Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Sewing for Kindergarten 2015, Day 3

Today's guests in Sewing for Kindergarten are two of the nicest ladies around...and they have great style as well.

First one is April from Modern Handmade.
Every time I see photos from April's home I'm jealous of that bookshelf which you can see below and I have a feeling April's daughter will be in good hands being homeschooled by April.

I know her daughter also requested sewing lessons from April and again...yup, she will also be in good hands in that area, ha. Lucky girl!

See April's full post HERE.

Thanks April!


And we are continuing with the genders being equally represented with Heidi from Handmade Frenzy sewing for her son.

It seems to me, looking at the teaser below, that Heidi has hit the head on the nail by making cool and practical school clothes. 

See Heidi's full post HERE.

Thanks Heidi!

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