Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Ishi Dress by Straightgrain Patterns

Since An from StraightGrain announced The Ishi Contest today and I actually sewed and took photos of my version of the Ishi Dress the other day, I thought it would be fitting to move this to the front of the blogging post line. And yes, I actually have a blogging post line in case you wondered, ha. I'm trying not to bore you by overposting so I'm keeping some of them back for the coming weeks.

And I have a funny story for you further down so keep reading......

I'm still obsessed with the multiple color block denim trend and I feel like I still have a few garments left to make before I get sick of it. And who cares about trends, right. If you like it, make it! And I certainly like this dress and I wish it was mine!

Both fabrics are tercel denim and oh boy that fabric is quite revealing for any little sewing mistakes.

The pockets, neckline and sleeves are hemmed with denim bias tape (from Jo-Anns) and I might have tightened it a tiny bit too much because afterwards all those seams had tiny little 'waves' above them no matter how much I pressed on them. Argh.

I thought it was acceptable though - especially since it is a loose style....so when An first saw the dress and declared that she LOVED all the gathers I added to the style I couldn't help laughing and laughing. It was just a hysterical funny situation and poor An was mortified that she might have offended me, when she learned that I had in fact not added any gathers....at least not on purpose.

OF COURSE I was not offended. She did not in any way mean to offend...in fact she thought I was a genius for those gathers, hahaha....now I'm starting laughing again. 
But maybe I should make another one with gathers...like real gathers?!

See E is laughing too. She loves this dress. I made a size 6 for my 5.5 year old and I think it is perfect. A tiny bit too big (room to grow in) but no risk for drowning.

The bias tape in the neckline is actually solely decoration. I still used the facings that the pattern provide for finishing the neckline. I didn't think I could do a nice enough finish with just the bias tape since it has a invisible zipper center back.
So I ironed out one side of the bias tape and sandwiched it between the bodice and facing's neckline seam and then stitched the other side of the bias tape to the dress.

But the pockets and sleeves are hemmed with the bias tape. I used THIS tutorial...scroll down to the 'hemming with bias tape' part. The tutorial is for homemade bias tape but of course works for store bought too!
And do I have to remind you not to pull too much in the bias tape when you sew it on!? Agree, I think this dress is enough reminder, right hehe.

Just like with my previous post I do not have a lot to say about the pattern because it is very good. Yay!
The pattern also have a buttoned back option and I will quickly admit that I did not even look at that one since I decided right away to make this clean and simple...and what is more clean and simple than an invisible zipper, right!

Now go read all about the contest and the insane prizes (click on the graphic above). I almost regret accepting the job as one of the judges because now I can't enter myself. Buuuut I probably needed to make another one for that anyway....maybe with gathers?! (Okay, I cannot get any more out of that joke now. I'll promise I'm going to stop now!).

Go get your own Ishi Dress Pattern HERE.

Thank you!


  1. It looks great Mie! I love Tencel's drape.

  2. Nice gathers ;) Sorry could not resist ;) I absolutely love denim on denim. Bias tape adds a cute detail to this dress. I also want one in my size :) The non-pregnant size though haha

  3. I love it! Different denim colors are just so good together. Trend or no trend...

  4. Actually gathers is a nice idea! I love your version.... Ishi dress is TOP!
    Kiss Rita

  5. I LOVE this version! So classy.

  6. I love the denim mix! trend or not trend it looks great. Oh, i have a love-hate relationship with Tencel, it looks so nice and the drape is great but as you said, every single thing shows up! anyway, I can't see the gathers, perhaps need new glasses. Lovely dress Mie, it looks very elegant and I love the bias tape too!

  7. This is such a beautiful dress Mie! Love the colors of denim you chose! Perfect! And I confess I may have panicked a bit when I read that it had an invisible zipper because I'll be making one soon hahha and then I was relived when you mentioned the button closure hehehhe ;) but yes there would be no better closure for this one! <3 <3

  8. Mie, this is such a cool version of the Ishi Dress! Love tercel denim color block combination!

  9. So classy! I want one for myself too!!!

  10. That's a great looking dress!!


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