Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Antalya Dress by Kid Approved.

Okay, I'll admit it.....when I suggested we went strawberry picking for Mother's Day it was (also) because I could really see this dress go well amongst all the strawberry plants. 
Yeah, I know, yikes the woman has gone mad!
But I promise we had lots of fun and the photos were just bonus and W aaaaalmost didn't notice that I took them, ahem.

The dress I'm talking about is this stunning Antalya Dress. A pattern by my good friend Olga from Kid Approved. You HAVE to check out these two versions that she made HERE. GAH, beautiful!!

I already knew that the pattern was good (yeah, I'm psychic like that) so I went straight to my absolutely favorite piece of fabric that I have just looked at with heart emoji eyes for years and NOW was the time to actually cut into it.

So the thing is that Antalya is actually made for woven and the dotted fabric is this thin lightweight knit (printed insanely off grain, grrrrr)
BUT....it totally worked out, phew.

For the sleeves I used this very lovely and lightweight black voile from Organic Cotton Plus. It is quite see-through so I decided to cut my side/sleeve pieces double and that worked out great.

Since I made most of my bodice in knit fabric I decided to skip all the beautiful back opening options that the pattern has and simply sew a knit rib in the neck opening. Even that worked too - I feel like this dress and I are on quite good terms at this point, ha. Thanks for cooperating!

I love the lines of this dress. It's calling for some serious color blocking....am I right or am I right!?

One last change I did was adding a bit to the length. I'm not sure it was necessary though since the knit already stretched a bit. I made a size 7 for my 7 year old. But now it will definitely be long enough to use in the fall too with tights and a cardigan. 

I don't have a lot to say about the pattern because it is GOOD...very good! You are in good hands when buying and sewing this pattern.

Get your own Antalya Dress Pattern HERE.

Thank you!!


  1. Aaaaa! Thank you so so much my friend! Your kind words mean a lot! And you already know how much I love it! :) Thank you! It's perfect, and the fabric is so yummy!

  2. It's so amazing when you take chances and everything turns out just perfect! Beautiful dress!

  3. I really love hoe this looks in the knit fabric! it gives it such a nice drape. Stunning photos too!

  4. Excellent idea! It never cross my "square" mind to make it in knit fabric. I need to try it, because it will be so easy to put on by herself. The fabric you choose is gorgeous!

  5. love your knit version! In my house, anything made out of knit has a better chance of being worn - this would be a great one to add to my daughter's wardrobe! Love the fabric that you've saved all these years - you definitely did it justice!

  6. Oh dear, this is so GOOD! I can't even... I want this dress for me, that's all!! Seriously Mie you rock, the fabrics work so good and I totally feel like making a knit version now. Beautiful photos too! <3 <3 <3

  7. It's awesome! And I can totally picture it with a card I and tights for the fall. Beautiful girl you have there. :)

  8. Love your version. Great choice of fabric. I have the pattern so I'm 'collecting' inspiration.

  9. Love the dress! The fabric is so beautiful and I love the color blocking!

  10. Beautiful! I feel like I want to comment the same thing on every one of your posts - love your fabric choices and love your photos! But it's true, so I'll just say it again :).

  11. It's great Mie - love it in knit:)

  12. This is such a beautiful dress. I am glad it worked with this gorgeous knit fabric. Don't you hate it when the print is off grain? You managed to make it work just fine though :)


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