Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Stylo 4 - Sun Kissed

I have been counting down to this day. 
Today is the release of the amazing and inspirational online sewing for kids magazine STYLO. It is the 4th release and I could not be any prouder so say that I am amongst the group of AH-mazing ladies that has been invited to make a spread this time. That was a question I did not hesitate for a second to say yes to when I was asked by the two wonderful editor-in-chiefs Celina and Jessica.

I made my girls two outfits each and these two dresses above are what I consider my showpieces. Understood in the way that these dresses are more meant as inspiration than as actually everyday kids clothes. Especially the dress for my big girl is more 'show' than 'let's go and play at the park' reality. That is why doing STYLO is so fun because it has room for it all.

They are both made from The Sunki Dress by Figgy's Patterns.

The one above is from the original pattern but with pieced curved side pieces.

The incredible flower printed fabric (which was my initial inspiration for this whole spread) is by Anna Maria Horner from the collection Honor Roll. This print is called Overachiever and comes in 3 color ways and I absolutely LOVE this one. Just plain yum. I bought mine HERE.

And as soon as I decided to use this fabric I knew I also wanted to make a non-printed dress for my other daughter but in the same color ways. And the first thing that popped up in my head was to use Cotton Couture from Michael Miller Fabrics.
It comes in a plethora of amazing colors and I had a very hard time choosing - which is a good problem to have in that situation!

And here is my heavily remixed Sunki Dress. My inspiration started at this beautiful Pinterest STYLO inspiration board made by Celina that was presented to us when we got invited. There was a dress with a big circle that caught my attention and The Sunki Dress was the logical pattern to use as a starting point. Especially since I have always loved that dress but at that point had never made it. 

So I extended the half circle side pieces to full circles. Removed the sleeves and used the rounded shoulder overlaps to create separate oval shoulder pieces. And then I added those lower side pieces to add some more volume in the lower part. The hem is'wavy' and high-low. I made a big circle 'keyhole' opening in the back which I closed with an oversized bow made of pink and beige striped grosgrain ribbon.

The dress is solely made from Cotton Couture by Michael Miller.

The finished dresses gave some heavy 60s and 70s vibes and the hat and glasses were no-brainer-accessories for the photo shoot.

In my other two outfits I wanted to create a contrast to the two dresses and go big on the wearability but still cool of course, ha. And still in the same colors.

I really want this outfit for myself - although I wouldn't look quite as cute.
The top is a pattern U from the Japanese sewing book Happy Homemade, vol. 5.

And the shorts....THE SHORTS..... those I really want for myself. They are the brand-new-releasing-any-day-now Morocco Pants (and shorts) by Petit a Petit Patterns. They are shock full of lovely details such as back welt pockets, side pockets, belt loops, zip fly and the ultra cool color block option you can see above. I choose to make part of my front in the same fabric as the back. But you can also make the side stripe stand out which will create a tuxedo pants effect - I knoooow, so good!
If you scroll down to wednesday on Celina's Sewing for Kindergarten post you can see her version. I love them SO much!

They are not a fast project BUT they are something even better - they are a truly satisfying project and you might learn a new trick or two.
All three fabrics used for these shorts are from Michael Levine Fabrics. Burgundy denim, baby pink stretch denim and stripy denim.

For my youngest daughter I made my own remixed sweatshirt version of The Mulberry Tunic from Kid Approved Patterns. HERE is a link to the post about this remix.

The lovely and on the heavy side of medium weight stripy cotton sweatshirt fleece is from Girl Charlee. The black and cream is since sold out but HERE is a link to the same fabric in heather grey and black stripe.

The skirt is a slightly remixed version of pattern N from the Japanese sewing book Girl Clothing by Akiko Mano.
I added the separate back ruffle after seeing THIS dress.

The fabric is more Cotton and Steel double gauze goodness from Michael Levine.
Cream double gauze from Imagine Gnats Shop just for the back ruffle.

And here you see my two happy bunnies posing and turning towards the camera but I think you can see on W's smile that something was up....

....and the whispering started.

I honestly have no idea what happened but oh boy these photos makes me so happy. 
I was stressed out of my mind during the photo shoot to get the photos right and at the same time try to take advantage of the sinking sun. But I'm glad that they at least had some fun, haha.

Oh, you can see the back welt pockets here. Woohoo.


I want to give a big thanks to the fabric shops below for generously sponsoring part of the fabric for this spread. 

New customers get 10% off their first order.

Get 10% off your entire purchase when using the code 'STYLO4'

And thank you Figgy's Patterns for The Sunki Dress pattern, Kid Approved Patterns for the Mulberry Tunic pattern and Petit a Petit Patterns for the Morocco Pants pattern.

Now PLEASE go check out the full magazine HERE. The other editors have shared sneak peeks of their work and I PROMISE you that you do not want to miss it. They are all SO very talented and I am very honored to be part of this High Fructose issue.

Thank you!!


  1. Wonderful!
    I was waiting eagerly to see your pictures at the lake after you told me you took them there. And I'm so in love. Very atmospheric and so nice to see your daughters love so hard together. Perfect world...
    Plus obviously perfect clothes: Your older daughter's dress is so incredible. Inspiring as always!

  2. Oh my Goodness Mie, these are just beautiful. The dresses are amazing and my favorite are those pants. Beautiful pictures and fantastic job!

  3. You make me want to run right out and sew. Lovely! Just lovely.

  4. ohhhhhhh that remixed Sunki Dress... It's my favourite piece of the entire issue! Perfection!


  5. So so pretty! Love all the clothes and the photoshoot is great! You nailed it! Thank you for using my pattern!

  6. Jaw dropping beautiful Mie! I am in awe of all the beautiful details. Some of your best work!

  7. Gorgeous! I love your outfits, your girls are beautiful, the dresses are amazing! Congrats :)

  8. Everything is cute, but ack! that color blocked Sunki!!!

  9. simply amazing! all four outfits are fantastic, and I love how you took the patterns and really tweaked them to make them unique. I have a fun of the patterns you mentioned, and never thought of using them in the way you have - you've inspired me! I especially love that cotton couture stunning Sunki dress! A real piece of art!

  10. Your photo's turned out gorgeous! I'm always in awe of your colorblocking!

  11. I have no words for all the amazingness contained in this post and your STYLO spread! It's all stunning, perfectly styled and beautifully photographed! I love both styles and they portray so perfectly your fabulous style, you are seriously good my dear! Brilliant creations!! <3 <3 <3


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