Monday, June 15, 2015

The Ash Jumpsuit Turned Dress.

I have the ultimate summer dress for you today. Okay, actually it is a top and a skirt but worn together they certain look like a dress.

I love the Ash Jumpsuit by Petit à Petit Patterns and I have always wanted to try to remix it into a dress somehow. And here we are over a year later.

It has been done before. Check out THIS amazing version from the wonderful Inês / La Folie Sewing Booth. Love the idea with the shirring!

The original pattern can both be made as a whole jumpsuit or as separates. From the beginning I was planning on making it as a whole dress but when I did the first fitting I realized that separates looked just as good and for sure has more options in the long run, right!

HERE is a link to my original Ash Jumpsuit Pattern post by the way.

I still absolutely LOVE that elastic neckline.

The back is real pretty too. For school I would just add a neutral tank top under. No big deal.

And then we had our little garden hare join the photo shoot. Awww.

I love this fabric SO much. It is quilting cotton but soft and totally works for this style. It is Anna Maria Horner. Honor Roll, Overachiever, Burgundy. The colors are so unexpected and goes so well together. You might remember that I used it for my STYLO spread too.

The skirt is self drafted but is basically an a-line skirt which has been added a tiny bit more width (with the slash and spread method). You can read all about that method in THIS post. I used this 1 3/4" wide gold elastic from Dritz as a waistband and it really does not get more easy than that! I have promised a tutorial when I posted a sneak peek on my Instagram page and I am still planning on doing that. Just give me some more time!

I hemmed the skirt with a gold bias tape and as you can see did I take tons of photos of that detail....not.

That is it! Happy summer!

Get your own copy of the Ash Jumpsuit Pattern HERE.

Thank you!


  1. Beautiful outfit, looks so comfy too with the elastic at the neck and waist. I bet it will get worn loads.

  2. This is perfect! And fabric is amazing! It's all soooo good. Thank you for using my Ash, you are making me want to another! Hehe. Gorgeous as always! <3

  3. Oh, I love this! The bright colors, fabric, gold sparkly elastic ~ very eye catching!

  4. A truly stunning outfit. I think a two piece outfit offers more styling and mix and match options. The fabric is amazing and looks perfect on your girl :)

  5. My goodness those photos are stunning! Those colors are just so beautiful on your daughter who is becoming quite the beauty!

  6. The fabric is stunning! Love the remix! I agree the separates are way more versatile!

  7. I love this outfit! The fabric is gorgeous and the gold elastic is a perfect combo. It is great to see how a jumpsuit pattern can be modified.

  8. Oh my dear this is such a perfect outif! That fabric and that gold work pair amazingly well! I want that outfit for me, it's definitely on the top of favorites I've seen lately! And I'm so impressed with your photos, you're really doing an amazing progress, these are gorgeous! :) Thanks a million for linking to my blog, you're the sweetest. xxx

    1. And I meant outfit and not outif... Hehehhe xxx

  9. This is such a beautiful outfit! I love the fabric you chose, and your photographs (as always) are so amazing!

  10. So pretty and those vibrant colours go so well with W's hair. I'm looking forward to giving the Ash pattern a try in a few months :)


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