Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Nessie Top - Everyday Styling.

As promised in yesterday's post you are getting another version of Craftiness is not Optional's newest pattern The Nessie Top in a more everyday styling with dark jeans.

You were also suppose to see the cool high-low effect the hem has but I am just realizing that my photos hardly show that at all.
Gah, sorry!

I think I said what needed to be said about this patterns in yesterday's post so today you are just getting the photos.

A little scarf action.

Now I just need to whip up an extended-length version to Wilma so you can see those too.

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. What lovely pictures- great expressions and a fun top!

  2. Very nice. Where did you buy the pretty peach fabric?

    1. Uhhh, yeah that is a good might have been in LA for Fabric Weekend but I am not other words.....I am to no help here, sorry ;-)

  3. Love the top and the unexpected color combo!

  4. I love the color combinations Mie. Cute top I'll have to make one for my little.

  5. Such a beautiful outfit!
    These colors look so great on your pretty girl!

  6. Hvor er hun fin - og hvor klæder de farver hendes fantastiske hår godt :-)


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