Monday, January 20, 2014

STYLO Magazine Contribution.

Ohhhh, what an exciting day it is today.
The launch of Stylo Magazine.

A fashion forward eMagazine about sewing for kids created by two amazing ladies that I am so lucky to call my friends, Celina and Jessica. And to be asked to be a contributing editor to the first edition was definitely one of my proudest moments and quite frankly a dream come true. I have always had a thing for magazines - e or paper version does not matter.

So the segment I am part of includes 5 sewing bloggers with each their unique style who all have been sent this crazy cool mint cotton fabric with big gold dots printed on from Michael Miller. I have never opened an envelope as quickly as when I saw the name Michael Miller outside and wow, did the contents not disappoint. I am absolutely in love with this fabric. Gold and mint...yes please!! 

BUT you know me....I LOVE mixing fabrics so I have paired it with this golden viscose.

I got the inspiration for a dress watching Fashion Police on E! (Love that show btw). They were talking about trends for 2014, lowered waists dresses for women was one of them, and showed this red and white amazing dress. Bingo, I immediately knew that the shape would be perfect for this project. You can see the dress on my Instagram feed HERE.

So if you are back from Instagram you will notice that I did not totally copy the dress. My neckline is different and I added a front button placket with big brass gold snaps.

The starting point for the pattern is from a Japanese pattern but I added the flounce, button placket,  color blocking and fold up on the sleeves. In other words there is not much left of the original pattern.

Here is a close up of the neckline. I am pretty proud of the color matching bias tape. I have a tutorial HERE if you want to do the same.

And because all the previous photos have been so serious and wonderfully editorial I thought is was time to finish off with a bit of silly.
There you go!

Now hurry off to see the whole magazine.
A click on the photo below will take you there.


  1. Gorgeous, Mie - and fantastic photos. For fa'n vi er seje!!! :-)

  2. Just beautiful, Mie. Totally your style! The pictures are gorgeous.

  3. You have such a great signature style! I could totally pick this dress out and guess that you made it. Even if it wasn't your beautiful girl wearing it :)

  4. You color matched the bias tape...your works always amaze me! Love this beautiful dress!!


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