Thursday, February 13, 2014

Shades Of Me - Green.

It's been awhile since I have been the one in front of the camera (phew) but when my two friends Hayley from Welcome to the Mouse House and Celina from Petit a Petit & Family invited me to a series full of adult sewing, and as an extra twist we were all going to pick ONE color and stick to that - but of course take advantage of all the tints, tones and shades in that color - I have since then learned that is called monochromatic color - I was all over it. Plus my kids really don't need more clothes but I could definitely need some - yes definitely!! By the way the ladies have made an AMAZING monochromatic Pinterest board you should definitely check it out HERE.

Soooooo any guesses on the color I chose? 
Okay, silly question!
It is one of my favorite colors (together with navy blue and a million others). I think it started when I for many years (and many years ago) had fire red and orange hair, and we all know how well green suits people with that hair color. If it were not for the crazy maintenance and toll on my poor scalp I would still have it today. I absolutely loved it. But then I would never had realized that my own hair color was actually not that bad either, ha. Let's see how long that lasts before the grey hairs are really taking over, ha.

This photo sums up my feelings about being in front of the camera buuuut it turned out to be so much fun this time. I had Evelyn pressing the button to the remote and it was hard not to laugh at her encouraging "Say CHEEEEESE Mom" (She also shouted "Say Cherries"!! Is that like a new official one or did she make that up??). Plus it was actually super helpful not having to think about hiding the remote all the time.

So what am I wearing? I have sewed the top from one of my own old patterns (more about that in a bit). The wool skirt and tights are from one of my absolute favorite brands J.Crew. The lovely ladies Hayley and Celina wanted us to have fun and kindly allowed us to mix the handmade clothes with store bought. Phew, loved that 'rule'!

So the top is from my last collection that never got produced (because I got pregnant and closed the company) so the pattern have only been used to sew some salesmen samples and I have always wanted to make some more versions for myself.....and here we are like 6-7 years later..... FINALLY!
I like the big yoke with only shoulder seams, and doing this top in color block is almost obvious, right!
The sleeves have a bias covered slit (see how in THIS tutorial) and finished it with some homemade bias tape (see THIS tutorial).
The pattern has a bit of gathering at the front bodice and more on the back for the most flattering fit. I have tucked the shirt in the skirt because a defined waist suits my body type the best. When I am going to wear it with pants/jeans I am going to have it hang loose but put a belt in the waist.

The fabrics are both Viscose Batiste. sells it in 21 colors. It is quite lightweight and you have to take your time when you are working with it to get a nice result. But the drape is perfect for a shirt like this, so it is worth the trouble.

The yoke is overlapped at front and closed with three mint green snaps.

And yay I have green sunglasses too. I did try to take some 'close up' photos but working with the remote has it's limits - or maybe I should have tried a bit harder, ahem. But at least you can see the shirt from the back.

I also wanted to show you a (tiny bit) better photo of my green bracelet - or at least closer. It matched my outfit almost ridiculously good. Remember my friend Ashlee's porcelain jewelry? (otherwise get reminded HERE). So I have convinced her to make a bracelet and I am the lucky one to test this beauty to see how the tiny chain works out before she puts it in her shop....and it works like a case anyone wonders.

If you have missed some posts in this series (I am second last stop on the tour) then go back to Welcome to The Mouse House or Petit a Petit & Family, they have links and teaser photos to alllll the amazing posts.

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And last but certainly not least make sure to enter this GIGANTIC giveaway they have organized. You can see all the prizes HERE and enter below:

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