Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Woodland Forest Felty Friends.

Today it is my beautiful little niece's 1st birthday - hoorah - and these felty friends will be inside one of her presents.
I won these digital patterns by Tina Douville (link to her Etsy shop HERE) in a contest on the blog a looooong time ago. When I started thinking about my niece's birthday they popped up again. 
I have never been much of a hand sewer but I must say I have REALLY enjoyed making these. I have been coming with hints on Sewing Like Mad's Facebook page saying I was sewing with materials and techniques that I have not used since I was a child (I once did a felt bunny in daycare that by coincidence ended in the local paper) and my sister has been going crazy with curiosity and even asked our Mom what it could be. Ha, they did not guess it.
I was not impressed with the quality of the felt I could get at our local sewing shop and started googling around and found..... ahhhhhh...... Purl Soho a shop in yeeees Soho, NYC with a great webshop ( and the ideas started to overflow. And my cart got filled with the nicest wool felt in the most beautiful colors and fluorescent and gold embroidery thread. I could have gone on and on but like with most things of good quality they are not cheap...kind of makes sense right!

I started with this little fella which might be my favorite. I am especially obsessed with the dark blue color and on a side note did I actually try to paint one of the rooms in our new house that color. But I was told in the paint shop that it would need like 6-7 coats minimum and then I skipped that 'brilliant' idea, argh. So back to mr. (or mrs.?) hedgehog....I took my time making him and used the instructions that followed the patterns to learn how to do the 3 different stitches that is needed to make these. So fun! I love learning something new when it is easy - yes, I am pathetic like that for sure.

The beaver is the only one who has something going on on the back too.

When I came to the fox I felt confident enough to do a little free hand embroidery and wrote her name on the belly.

I hope she likes them. They are made with love from me to you. 
Happy first birthday Madicken!
Love from your Moster* Mie.


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  2. These are precious! Thanks for sharing at Monday Funday! ;)

  3. So cute and love the color combination. Thanks for linking to the Craftastic Monday party at Sew Can Do!

  4. Oh my gosh, the hedgehog is so adorable!! I saw the picture of him on the Creative Monday Blog Hop and I clicked over just to see him (or her?) in more detail. Seriously cute, awesome job!


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