Thursday, February 28, 2013

'Keep Your Cool' smartphone cases.

In my family we have a lot of birthdays in the winter and today it is my sister's birthday. 
In one of her presents is a Keep Your Cool Smartphone Case from Straight Stitch Society
They have a layer of lightweight quilt batting between the outside fabric and inside lining to protect your best electronic friend from bumps. The ice cream stick has a D-ring for keys, a snap closure and inside is a small pocket for a credit card. In other words another well thought through pattern from Liesl Gibson (who amongst many other things is also making the lovely oliver + s-patterns).

They are obviously very easy to sew and the most fun is choosing the fabrics. Phew, decisions decisions! 

Above you see Straight Stitch Society's examples. I absolutely LOVE that they have chosen fabrics that really make them look like delicious popsicles.... I just did not have those color fabrics in my stash when I decided to make them.

Here you see my sister's present:
After my first-time-embroidery-success with the Woodland Forest Felty Friends I decided to put a little embroidered love declaration on the front.

This is the first one I made...and kept. I am using it every day and love it. I used a grosgrain ribbon as a 'stick' instead of sewing one from fabric that the pattern suggest.

Happy birthday Karen.
We loooove you!


  1. Hvor er det sjovt, har lige forleden syet mig en is.
    også i mine egne farver.

  2. Hi! your smart phone case came out so cute. I am new to sewing and bought this pattern. Do you think you can make a tutorial on how to make this?


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