Friday, February 15, 2013

Knee pad unisex pants

Okay, so those of you wonderful readers who are extra wonderful and 'like' this blog on Facebook, might be confused now seeing Evelyn (who technically is a girl) wearing this item of clothing who was proclaimed to be the first piece of boy clothes on this blog. Don't worry these are the ones. But since they are for my nephew who lives in Denmark and is 3 years old like Evelyn I thought she would be okay to use as a model for them. 
And when she got them on (which took a little bit of bribing because noooo this little lady is apparently not wearing pants at the moment BUT she does seem to enjoy them when they are actually on, right!) I realized they are totally unisex pants - at least in my not-so-frilly-world. I mean DOH they are dark jeans, blue-grey cotton twill and neon orange details. But I still think we should celebrate that there finally is an item on the blog that is sewed for a (very spectacular) boy in mind....and the fact that they work for girls too is just a bonus!

OH, and before I continue talking about these pants if there is anyone out there who is interested in getting the same asymmetrical bangs as Evelyn here just come by. Salon Evelyn will happily do them totally for free!

A few close ups - as good as it gets when you are photographing a 3 year old who think it is funny NOT to stand still for the photo.
I used a thick dark yellow thread (classic jeans stitch color) to make visible stitches and a size 90 needle.
And YES I know that I made a girl fly and not a boy fly. So annoying for me but I only noticed it when I had already done the visible stitch and there was no way back because of the fairly big holes the size 90 needles makes in the fabric - darn it! The most annoying thing about it is that I DID prepare for boy fly and the overlock inside is now on the wrong side too - this is by the way just a pretend fly there is no zipper inside - it is just a way to make the pants look more 'finished'. (If anyone is interested in a tutorial let me know....) The mistake simply happened when I was going to stitch and my mind must have been on girl-fly-auto-pilot and I turned it the wrong way. I wonder why?!

I have made a pair of these pants for my nephew (and Evelyn actually) when they were like 1.5-2 years old - also with REALLY long roll up legs. And I totally melted when my sister asked me if I could make him another pair because he had almost out grown the other pair and he says they are his favorite - awwwwwwwww!

Like many other of the pants I have made lately I have made them waaaaay to long and added bias tape on the seams of the bottom of the legs to make a pretty roll up. This almost neon orange one was perfect for these pants and that led me to make one of the belt loops with neon orange grosgrain ribbon. I know this is not my original idea but I still really really like it.

Below is a tiny one-photo-tutorial or you could call it a tip for nicer looking pockets.

Fold the top seam allowance of your pockets opposite of what you normally would (I am assuming you don't already use this trick - if you do just ignore me) so the pocket and seam allowance is right side against right side of the fabric. Sew down in your side seam allowance along the top seam allowance (see photo above), turn around and iron. You can now stitch the top seam allowance to the pocket and then sew on the pockets as usual but now you will not have any visible seam allowances inside the top part of the pockets, yay!


  1. Never occured to me to do pockets this way. Thanks! Great tip!

  2. I love the jeans, and also the pocket tutorial! Ellie would rock those jeans in a heart beat, no question.

  3. so cute can imagine that they come in handy for the little one
    come see what I shared at

  4. Jeg syns sagtens de også kan være pigebukser. Hvis jeg havde en pige måtte hun gerne have dem på.
    Jeg har engang prøvet en nederdel på min dreng, han var på det tidspunkt 4 år, og jeg skulle lave en nederdel i str. 4.
    Så hvem var nærmere en ham. Han fik lov at lukke øjnene og jeg skyndte mig. :)
    Hilsen Mette

  5. So cute! I love the pockets! I've never sewn pockets before, but now I feel like I could! I'll be featuring this on my blog tomorrow!


  6. The contrasting yellow stitching is just perfect, Mie.

  7. the baby looking very sweet in this workpant.

  8. I do this and I mitre the bottom corners so there is no seam allowance visible there either!


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