Thursday, April 19, 2018

Eden Knit Dress, Style Arc

I don't think anyone would doubt that this dress is right up my alley.

It's knit, it's swingy and it has some interesting lines which of course, duh, calls for color blocking.

This is the Eden Knit Dress from Style Arc.

I made the size 10 and I added 8 cm / 3" (and a bit) at the lengthening line.

The pattern comes with long sleeves and I cut them randomly at kind of half length, so I can use it for spring and summer too.

I skipped the pockets because I was worried about them pulling in the seams.

Further down I'll have a mini tutorial on how to fix the neckline ribbing pattern to a proper v-neck.
I understand the original idea of the pattern's way to make it, is so it's easier to execute and by all means keep it if it doesn't bother you. But if you like me started thinking "not over my dead body", then this tutorial is for you, ha.

I love those sharp triangles meeting at the side seams but I'm going to be honest, trying to get those very pointy seams PLUS the stripes to match up was.... let's go with challenging. My goodness there was swearing and sweating involved. In fact I actually gave up on one side because I was worried to damage the knit and realized afterwards that it totally looks like it matches up perfectly from a not that afar distance, duh! 
There is perfection aspirations and then there is just dumb stubbornness!

The fabric is all from Nosh Fabrics. Two different organic cotton/lycra jerseys and ribbing.

It's, as always, stunning quality and it's perfect for this dress. I was a bit unsure if cotton/lycra would work, since it traditionally does not have a ton of drape. But Nosh Fabrics are so soft and it definitely works.

I absolutely love the low-hi hem too. I wonder when I will ever get tired of that? I also worry about that because um, there is quite a lot of this hem in my closet at the moment. Oops.

Now let's get back to that mini tutorial for a proper v-neck ribbing.

This is the way the pattern suggest you to do it. And like I said further up, by all means do it this way, if this makes you happy.

This is what I did to both ends of the rectangle ribbing pattern piece to make a proper v-neck ribbing. The ribbing pattern piece is placed on the neckline, so the ribbing and neckline seam allowance overlap and the sewing line meet on top of each other. Now you take your ruler and continue the line from the CF and straight up through the ribbing. 
Now please notice that this pattern has seam allowance CF (center front). Most patterns do not have that, so don't forget to account for that (aka add SA) after you cut your correct angle (which will depend on the angle of the v).

Now I didn't take any photos while I sewed the actual v-neck neckline but HERE is a great tutorial over at Alina Sewing +Design Co. on how to sew a v-neck ribbing neckline. As a bonus this shows an easier (but still great) fold-over ribbing (then you can keep the rectangle shape of the ribbing pattern piece), but the way of sewing it on the actual neckline is exactly the same. So double bonus really! Tons of options to choose from.

I know proper v-necks can be intimidating and we have all been beginners and needed the easy options. Nothing wrong with that! But the only way to get better is to practice. So if you always choose the easy option, even after years of sewing, then you are cheating yourself from progress in your sewing journey. Preach over!

I skipped the center front seam because I had fabric enough but also because I was sewing with striped fabric, ha. I did however keep the center back seam because more width is added with it (in other words it could not just be cut to fold without losing width for the skirt part.)

Luckily cotton/lycra is easy to sew with on your regular machine, so I basted the seam first to stripe match before serging the seam.

Because of the extra width in the back bodice, the side seams moves forward. I don't mind that at all but I thought I would mention it, in case you noticed.

So here we are. Happy bunny in her new knit dress. I can't wait to make more. Maybe with some of Nosh's new summer prints? I'm obsessed!

Get your Eden Knit Dress HERE.

Thank you!


  1. That's so so pretty on you, Mie! Love the two fabric together and the pointy angles at the side seams.

  2. Such a cool dress, I love the style lines. I can't imagine you ever needing to swear in your sewing room :D

  3. I am all for silly stubbornness! It certainly paid off ;) Love this dress on you MIe. It is indeed totally YOU! And colourblocking is a must with this dress. Design lines these awesome need to shine!

  4. This dress is killer! I really love this!


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