Tuesday, February 13, 2018

V Neck Blouson Jacket

I was overwhelmed by the thought of boiling down all the info on this jacket to a few IG posts, so I decided to make a short blog post instead.

This is the V Neck Blouson Jacket 07/2014-101 by BurdaStyle.

I printed and taped the pattern ages ago and then it ended up on my floor overtaken by countless other projects. And I know exactly why.

I wasn't quite sure if I was going to like it. And I couldn't quite figure out if the style would turn out wearable or be some sort of showcase thing I would only wear to a party I never go to. And then I had to order zippers which meant I had to figure out if I needed to add length. All these excuses went on until I made that new years resolutions of not printing new patterns before those other abandoned patterns were made. That finally made me going!

And I'm rather happy about the result.  

As per usually with BurdaStyle the pattern has a really interesting shape and some fun details.
The sleeves are really voluminous. They are divided in three parts and the seams are curved but then narrow in again both at the sleeve cap and hem. 

Another fun detail is the shoulder seam. It angles and then dart into the front pieces with a small triangle shape. I don't think there is a reason for it except the visual interest of course. And that is good enough for me!

Of course I didn't check that I wore the jacket properly before start taking photos (gah, what else is new) so I didn't notice that my shoulder seam had slid a bit backwards. So this photos is the best I got of the shoulder seam as a close up. You can see the triangle shape, right!

A view from the back and those back slid shoulder seams, duh! I know shoulder seams sometimes needs adjustments, but to my best knowledge that is not the case here. Just a lack of looking in the mirror before taking photos. When will I ever learn!?

And I did add length to the bodice. Quite a lot actually. Almost 10 cm / 4". The reason was a combination of three things. One: I'm tall. Two: The original pattern looked very cropped. Three: it had to fit the color zipper I wanted and that came in limited lengths.

But hey, clearly it all worked out and I'm very happy with this length. Not too short, nor too long.

This is a size 38 btw.

I didn't add any length to the sleeves because I knew I could adjust the hem sleeve ribbing.  So I didn't cut my sleeve ribbing until the jacket was almost done and I could do the final fitting and then determine how long I needed my ribbing for perfect length. I didn't even look at the pattern suggestion, so I'm actually not sure if mine is longer than suggested. 

The main fabric is something I have had in my stash for years. In that pile of gold that you are saving for the perfect project. Which makes me giggle because I then ended up using it to a project I was very unsure about, ha.
It's wool knit, backed on cotton knit. Yeah, I know...gold! And I got it super cheap on Amazon and it's long gone. Trust me, I have looked!

I think it was the rust zipper that made me look for the same color ribbing. Mood had this rust and navy striped ribbing that was even better than I could imagine and I was finally ready to tackle this project.

Just a side note, the ribbing is PERFECT for turtlenecks. Ask me how I know, haha. Photos coming soon!

I did make one change to the pattern. I added those small main fabric pieces sewn to the ribbing next to the zipper at the bottom hem. The patterns tells you to sew the bottom of the zipper directly to the ribbing but I really think you save yourself a lot of trouble using some more sturdy fabric which you can interface as well. The inserts are just rectangles, so it's not complicated adding them. 
I didn't shorten my ribbing, so in other words those inserts also gave me a larger hem circumference.

And please don't forget to add a strip of interfacing along the whole seam where the zipper is sewn to. Nothing looks more homemade than wavy zippers.

I totally ignored the pocket suggestions. Partly because um welt pockets in knit can be a nightmare and because I obviously was going for a cardigan feel for this jacket and they don't necessarily need pockets, hehe.

Get your own V Neck Blouson Jacket HERE:

Thank you!


  1. This jacket is the coolest! I love that it's sort of a cardigan jacket with such great details, like the shoulder seam and the sleeves - and the small fabric pieces you added to the hem. And of course the styling (all the colors go so well in a sporty chic way!) is perfect, as usual.

  2. I love all the litte details on this, and that ribbing is amazing. Gorgeous jacket!


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