Sunday, December 10, 2017

Urban Jungle Stuffed Animals.

I have sewn winter coats, blazers, welt pockets, underwear and jeans but never stuffed animals! Until now of course! If anyone could make me do it, it would be Celina from Petit a Petit Patterns.

I'm head over heels in love with these sewing patterns!

These are the Urban Jungle Animals and you buy them in crews of three different animals. There are five crews in total which, yes that's right, gives you 15 different animals to choose from. You can also buy them all in a bundle to a discounted price HERE.

My girls are utterly cat obsessed, so even though I knew they would love many of the other animals too (I'm looking at you alicorn), I'm pretty sure the cat would be highest on the list. And I definitely did not dare to only make one of them a cat and another animal for the other. I did decide to make them different though and I hope I won't regret that decision.

This is a tabby cat which my oldest always babble about. I thought it meant an orange cat. Celina had never heard of a tabby cat so she googled and came back to me, informing me that it's a common misunderstanding that that means an orange cat. Oh! Apparently it means a cat whose fur is mottled or streaked with dark stripes. Luckily I hadn't cut any fabric at that point and I couldn't believe that I actually found this fabric in my stash. It's a medium weight canvas.

I had to throw in some sort of orange since my oldest have reddish hair and I couldn't be more happy with the addition of copper glitter felt. I found it on WeirCraft on Easy  where I also bought the black glitter felt for the noses. It's a bit thicker than normal felt and I was a bit nervous but it worked out great.
And can you believe I actually took a chunk of a big piece of fabric from Miss Matatabi to make the overalls. Yikes, spoiled cat already! You can buy the overall pattern HERE. It's such a fun sew.

Next up is the, um polar cat?! Okay, white and grey striped cat. Mixed with a remnant Liberty lawn. Nothing is too good for these cats! 
The clothes is the basic set of clothes which comes with the pattern. The top has velcro in the back for easy dressing.
Much more clothes are in the works for these. I know Celina is working on a parka coat and a doll version of Tip Top Dress/Top plus bloomers set. My girls are going to go crazy. Maybe this will be the incentive they need to want to learn to sew themselves?!

The other felt is from PurlSoho. When I said I've never made stuffed animals before, well that's actually not entirely true. I made these Woodland Forest Felty friends back in 2013 for my niece, ha. The felt is crazy expensive but also absolutely heavenly quality. Find it HERE. So I had some leftovers in perfect colors for their muzzles and eye colors and this ones cheek color and eye brows. Such a joy to work with.

The French terry used for the top is from Raspberry Creek Fabrics.

I ABSOLUTELY love these patterns and I would never ever have been able to make anything like this without these patterns. I'm just not creative in that way. But I followed the tutorial step by step and as you can see, fantastic stuffed animals were the result. And so far I have not seen a single one made from these patterns that is not amazing. That is the sign of a great pattern people!

You can WIN the whole bundle plus a ton of other goodies by participating in this giveaway on Instagram. But hurry up it ends on December 12, 2017.

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  1. Both dolls are sooooooo adorable, and I would never in a million years have guessed that you have not made dolls before! I love that you used the glitter felt for the heart on the overalls. I might have to copy that brilliant idea... By the way, I didn't know that about tabby cats, either. I learned something new, yay! ;-)
    I'm sure your girls will be thrilled when they see these -- I couldn't keep mine a secret from my girls; they already know where I keep all their presents hidden, lol!!

  2. When I first saw the cats I was curious if you made them to resemble your girls! Now I know the answer :) The cats are perfect! Absolutely no fabric is too good for these beauties, I agree! I hope your girls will love them to bits! I promise not to spoil the surprise haha

  3. These are so amazing! Love how they turned out!

  4. I completely forgot to come back and comment as I read the post on my phone and hate commenting from there. I just love these soooooo much. Your fabric choices are so good and the dolls turned out amazing. Thanks again for being a part of the tour. <3


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