Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Elm Rain Poncho by Petit a Petit and Family

Even though I was the controller on Willow & Co Patterns' first collection, I was not able to actually sew all the patterns before the release. I'm only human, right! 

Today I'm ticking off another pattern, the amazing Elm Poncho Raincoat by Petit a Petit and Family.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Senna Tote by Willow & Co Patterns / lbg studio

Today I have something (for me) very unusual......a bag...that I have sewed...myself. And what convinced me to sew a bag you may ask? The answer is The Senna Tote from Willow & Co Patterns designed by Vanessa from lbg studio. That lady always makes the nicest bags/patterns!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Pleated Pencil Skirt - Flower Edition

Warning: These photos are taken in direct sunlight and included a very sweaty 'model' in a thick blouse and with squinting eyes. Ugh, so sorry! But I have had this skirt finished forever (okay, a couple of weeks) and we have had builders in the house since then...and I do NOT take photos of myself with builders as an audience. (and yeah I know...I'm weird since the photos are for a public blog - but somehow taking photos and showing photos are two different things to me. Is that just me??) 
Finally this saturday lunch time hubby took the kids out and I finally had the house to myself - super hot September mid day or not....this was the time.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Mulberry Tunic - Dress Remix

So while my blog was occupied showing one cool and/or cute kindergartner after the other in Sewing for Kindergarten I have been in the sewing room and for once have a backload of things to blog about. 
First up is a remix I have wanted do to for a very long time. Turn the Mulberry Tunic from Kid Approved Patterns into a dress with an elastic waist.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Sewing for Kindergarten - Day 9

All good things has to come to an end....and today Sewing for Kindergarten is ending....but not without a BANG. Celina and Laura is up!!

But before we come to them make sure you do not miss Natalie's and Christina's posts from yesterday.

My first guest is Celina from Petit a Petit + Familiy. This lovely lady is my style-and-just-generally-everything-idol. I can't even behind to tell you how much I have learned from her just by watching her work. She is a constant inspiration for me and I'm really SO grateful to be calling her my friend.

She also closed Sewing for Kindergarten last year with a PHENOMENAL post (see it HERE). Btw she is still blaming me for starting her even-bigger-than-last-blog-post-crusade she went on afterwards, haha. Reality is that Celina is just the type of person that gives her everything when she signs up for something - I really love people like that.

This year her beautiful daughter is starting Kindergarten and let me just say that it does not look like Celina is going to disappoint this year either. Wow.

Thank you Celina!

See Celina's full post HERE.

My next guest is Laura from Craftstorming. She is my pattern-making-perfectionist-idol and her attention to detail is insane. I have several times heard people calling one of her patterns, the Small Fry Skinny Jeans for "the best pattern ever" and I'm pretty sure I agree! The amount of details in that pattern that after a lot of top-stitching turns into these amazing jeans are really absolutely mind blowing. I highly recommend that pattern....and the others she has made!

I know Laura will be sharing the details from some of her new patterns in her post so I really think we should just jump right over.....like NOW!

Thank you Laura!

See Laura's full post HERE.

That's it....Sewing for Kindergarten is completed and oh boy this year was fun, touching, clever and just downright CUTE.

Enjoy your first year in school all you kindergartners out there and thank you for being such good sports in all the blog posts. 
Thank you to all their Mommies that sewed, photographed, edited and wrote blog posts. And last but not least thank you to all you readers that followed along!!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sewing for Kindergarten - Day 8

I really REALY hope you did not miss the FUN edition from yesterday with Hayley and Susan!

My first guest is one of the nicest out there. Christina from 2 Little Hooligans
The other day she told me that she gets a lot of unannounced guests, that just comes by to hang out with her, and seriously if I lived nearby I would do that too.
She is the type that one day paints the house, the next she pickles whatever vegetables she has grown in their garden and the third she is whipping up the most amazing costumes. (Seriously her kids must be the most anticipated in the neighborhood on Halloween - see HERE and HERE - WOW, right!)

Oh, and then she is also the type that claims that she is not very good at photography (yet her photos are always amazing) and that she is basically at a beginner level at sewing....yeah right :-)

Let's head over and see what she made for her cute cute daughter.

Thank you Christina!

See Christina's full post HERE.

My second guest is lovely Canadian Natalie from La gang à Nat.
Natalie is a lawyer by day and sewing blogger by night. Pretty cool, huh. 
I love her style and especially her color combinations. We definitely share a love for color block. Check out THIS post or THIS one. Both stunning dresses.

I love what she made for her beautiful daughter. The Aster Cardigan/Willow & Co Patterns and The Charlie Dress/Mingo & Grace. Together they make a perfect school outfit.

Thank you Natalie.

See Natalie's full post HERE.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sewing for Kindergarten - Day 7

I loved Alida's and Jennifer's posts yesterday - make sure you do not miss them.

Today things are getting hilarious...consider yourself warned.
First up is our little overachiever Hayley from Welcome to the Mouse House. (No more introduction needed!)

So this is, besides obvious reasons, hilarious to me. Let me tell you why. When my daughter finished Kindergarten in June we got invited to a award show in her class. Since I'm Danish and my husband is British, we had never gone to school here in the US and had no idea there was awards involved in Kindergarten. It happened that I was chatting with Hayley the day we are going and I mentioned my award show ignorance. We get a good laugh about it - just because we are stupid like that - not because we are actually against awards....and then we have not talked about it since. 

A few days ago I suddenly got the idea that it could be fun to make a round up post from this year's Sewing for Kindergarten by giving every one of the participants some sort of more or less silly themed award....and what do I receive from Hayley the very next day....THIS!! I almost fell down from the chair, laughing so much and just shaking my head over the crazy coincidence that we both thought about it for this series. I think I will skip my idea now and just enjoy Hayley's masterpiece here. Did you notice 'Most Likely to be a Cat Lady.' (we all know how much Hayley's daughter loves cats).

Thank you Hayley (for ruining my round up post, haha).

Go see Hayley's full post HERE.

My next guest is also hilarious (in that ironic way I just luuuv).....It is Susan who blogs together with Adrianna (yes, she is hilarious too - get the theme here?!) on Crafterhours.
So the smart thing about two women blogging together is that they can deliver kindergartners every year. Thanks ladies!

Ahhhhh, I'm so in love with this dress. Somehow Susan has managed to make it look vintage and modern at the same time. I guess it is both patchwork and geometric...well, whatever it is, I'm obsessed and I wish I could go buy the pattern right now (hint hint ms super-pattern-digitalizer). And I don't know about you, but to me it looks like something more might be going on in the back...it looks a bit like the white fabric goes down below the cut at the waistline. Hmmmmmm, need to click over RIGHT NOW!

Thank you so much Susan!

See Susan's full post HERE.

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