Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Tip Top and Morocco Pants by Petit à Petit Patterns.

I have been SO looking forward to post this....even though you wouldn't think so considering that I took these photos over 3 weeks ago. Phew, time flies!

It's Celina from Petit à Petit Patterns two recent patterns The Tip Top (which also comes as dress) and The Morocco Pants.

Let me just make it clear from the start both patterns are AMAZING!
It's funny because the top looks like a lot with the extravagant sleeves and yet it is a super fast and simple sew. 
And the pants look pretty straight forward but they are not a one hour project (okay, nothing is a one hour project for a slow-sewer like me but you know what I mean, ha). As with all Celina's patterns they have a million options so you can make them more or less advanced. I have made a pair (not blogged) with all the bells and whistles (see them HERE) so the pair I'm showing you today is one of the more simple options with elastic waist, faux zip fly and faux back pocket flaps.
 Okay, I'll tell you more later on. I want to talk about the top first.

I'm obsessed over this top! 
I have said it before but managing to make loose and 'oversize' styles look flattering is an art form and Celina has done exactly that with this pattern.
Those sleeves are just incredible and the option with a double layer is just gorgeous and opens up for a lot of fun fabric pairing ideas. The option of hemming with bias tape adds another dimension.

The patterns has lots of options.
Gathered or pleated neckline, elastic or fixed neckline, dress or tunic, welt pockets, side panels etc etc.
I'm dying to make a dress with welt pockets from this pattern but for now I have forbidden myself to sew more for my kids. Mommy needs new clothes now! 

Both fabrics are cotton voile and the rusty red was so thin and sheer that I cut the center front and back pieces double but simply treated them as one layer. That worked great and didn't cause me any problems.

The sewing step you will spend most time on is hemming the sleeves - especially if you choose the double sleeves (obviously) but again do not fret. The patterns has several options for you depending on your sewing level or temper, ha.

I choose the gathered/elastic neckline. I made my own bias tape and for extra effect sewed it on so it's visible from the front side. The bias tape also works as a casing for the elastic.
Super simple and super smart!

Let's move on to the pants!
Oh gosh, another favorite!
This pattern is a $10 sewing lesson in classical dress pants. Really!

Zip fly (regular or faux), waistband (3 different kinds), belt loops, front side pockets and back welt pockets (regular or faux) all done the classical way with facings and beautiful finishes and illustrated in the pattern's tutorial. Excellent!
Seriously, you will learn so much sewing these. Or if you already know these things it will be such a lovely and relaxing sewing experience.
Nothing in this pattern is really difficult but like I already mentioned I would be lying if I said it is a quick sew...at least if you want a nice result. So take your time, check your work after every step and you will end up with a result that might even surprise yourself, ha. A pair of beautiful and pro looking pants.

I absolutely love the tuxedo stripe option but the pattern also comes with a fully classical pants version without the stripe. And the best thing is that you can easy print which option you need without having to print the whole thing.

You know my obsession with this gold elastic from Dritz (and I just saw they made it in silver too - woohoo) so even though the pattern already offers 3 waistband options I decided to make a fourth (because that's what make sewing fun, right!). That worked pretty well. The way I make it (yeah, I still haven't made the tutorial but it's on it's way, promise!) hides the seam but it also means it's double folded and that became a bit bulky because of the front pocket and my medium weight fabric. But the result was good enough for me to keep. And my daughter totally loves her gold elastic waist pants and these are no exception.

The floral fabric is a printed denim from Hancock Fabrics (It seems to be sold out online) and I think I bought the blue solid denim at Michael Levine. Both fabrics has a bit of stretch.

I sized these pants up a lot compared to the previous classical pair I made (that kind of became too small the week after they were finished, wah) so these are a size 8. That explains the baggier overall fit but I love them on her and I love that they will definitely fit until next summer...and maybe next fall too, who knows!? 

I emphasized the bagginess by hemming the pants with elastic. Not super tight, just a bit of gathering. I used my Cover Stitch and it was soooo easy that way but you can of course do this with a sewing machine too.

And yeah they are a bit long at this point...I don't have to mention kids grow like weeds, right ha!

Here are the faux back flaps. And I promise I sewed them on symmetrically, ha. She is just twisting in this photos so it looks like one is placed higher than the other. 
Everything is faux about these. I even just sewed the buttons on afterwards. No pesky button holes to fight with.

That's it.....my favorite outfit I have made in a long long long time.

Get your own Morocco Pants Pattern HERE and your Tip Top and Dress HERE.

Thank you!!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Sewing for Kindergarten 2015, Day 10

Can you believe it?! We made it to the last day of Sewing for Kindergarten this year. But we are going out with a bang (and a gif, ha) that's for sure.

My first guest is THE sweetest and I'm lucky to call her my friend. Inês from the great blog La Folie Sewing Booth
I guess we have found a worthy replacement for the overachiever award that used to go to Celina from Petit à Petit & Family that have participated in this series the last two years and who has now run out of kindergartners, ha.

Four outfits and one is more incredible than the other!

Let's hurry over and check them out HERE.

Thank you Inês!


My next guest is sweet Karly from Paisley Roots.
She is one of the most productive sewing bloggers I know and her style is amazing too.

Karly participated in this series last year too and I believe there has been a change in her  house from public school to homeschooling so let's jump over and read all about it AND see what amazing thing(s?) she has made. That teaser below is certainly making me interested. It looks amazing!

See Karly's full post HERE.

Thank you Karly!

And THANK YOU dear readers for your support of this series! I really really appreciate it

I have already gotten inquiries from participants who have kindergartners next year so I guess the ball is rolling again, ha.

 Below you see all the teasers from the amazing participants and their kindergartners.
SO amazing!!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Sewing for Kindergarten 2015, Day 9

We have made it to day 9 and I'm not even going to mention that this is the second last day this year, wah.

My first guest is sweet sweet Christina from 2 Little Hooligans. We met in LA 2 years ago and we have been friends since.

Christina also participated in the series last year with her middle daughter and this year it's her youngest and so so cute daughter's turn. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say there was lots of tears involved...at least from from Christina's side.

Let's jump over and see.

See Christina's full post HERE.

Thank you Christina!


My next guest is actually two-guests-in-one-post.
Al and Scary are sisters and they blog together with the third sister Jo at Shaffer Sisters.

So in others words we have a post with cousins both starting in Kindergarten the same year. How cool is that! And I have been told they are best friends. Seriously so cute!

See Al and Scary's post HERE.

Thank you Al and Scary!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Sewing for Kindergarten 2015, Day 8

Welcome to day 8! 
Today turned out to be knit edition which you know I love and find especially perfect for school clothes.

First up is one of the sweetest and warm ladies around, Maria from My Cozy Co.
She is originally from Columbia but is now living in the UK.

I'm dying over the outfit she made for us today. The combination of quilted and printed knit is simply genius!

See Maria's full post HERE.

Thank you Maria!


Next up is Stacey from Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy Crafts.
Stacey is very special for Sewing for Kindergarten because she is the only one that has participated in all three years....although she has later admitted that one of the years she didn't quite qualify, haha. And as much as I take that as a compliment (you know, she really wanted to be on this series) I now had to implement some though applying and qualifying procedurers to avoid situations like this in the future. 
(You know I'm totally kidding, right!)

SO this is Stacey's last year...please remind me if you see her on the participant list next year, hehe.

See Stacey's full post HERE.

Thank you Stacey!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sewing for Kindergarten 2015, Day 7

Welcome to day 7 of Sewing for Kindergarten.
Both my guests today were snatched up while working on Stylo issue 4. I guess I have Celina to thank for a lot of my guests this year, ha.

My first guest is Bethany from I Married Superman.
Her blog is fairly new to me but she always make super wearable and cute clothes for her kids. Oh and go read her About page - it's funny!

And excuse me but now I have to go see what that adorable dress looks like from the front.

See Bethany's full post HERE.

Thank you Bethany!


My second guest is Erin from Brooklyn Pattern Company
As the name reveals Erin started making patterns first and then started blogging. I think the majority is usually doing it the opposite way and I love when things are not 'as usual'. 
Erin used to work as a pattern maker on Broadway and I feel like I need to make a post about her in my Industry Insiders series because I'm curious to hear more about that past!

Let's jump over and have a closer look at what Erin have made her adorable son.

See Erin's full post HERE.

Thank you Erin!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Sewing for Kindergarten 2015, Day 6

Welcome to the second and last week of Sewing for Kindergarten 2015.

Today both my participants are second timers in this series but for two different reasons.

First up is the lovely and always spot on stylish Jess from Craftiness is not Optional.

Jess participated in the serie's first year sewing for her oldest adorable daughter and now two years later it is time for middle adorable daughter.

See Jess' full post HERE.

Thank you Jess!


My next guest need no introduction either. Hayley from Welcome to the Mousehouse.

And the alert reader might have noticed that Hayley participated with her daughter Ainsley last year too. The short story is that she missed the cut off by a week, so she was in a private Kindergarten the last year and this year she is finally ready for Kindergarten in the same school as her big brother.

Hayley has made two items but is cleverly showing how to style those two items several ways.

See Hayley's full post HERE.

Thank you Hayley!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Sewing for Kindergarten 2015, Day 5

We have made it to the last day of week 1 but do not fret we have 10 more participants and their cute kindergartners next week.
And let's not forget the two amazing ladies we have today Friday.

First one is Bethany from Lil'Bit Beth.
I actually had the pleasure of meeting Bethany in LA a couple of years ago during Fabric Weekend - super super sweet!
Bethany has amazing style as you can see below and I can't wait to see the more!

See Bethany's full post HERE.

Thanks Bethany!


Our second guest is Terri from Sew Straight & Gather.

She told me that this series was exactly the kick she needed to get those school clothes made - which is exactly (one) of the reasons why I started doing this series and keep it going. And by looking at the teaser photo below she certainly got started. Wow, that a lot of great great school clothes! 

See Terri's full post HERE.

Thanks Terri!

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