Sunday, August 20, 2017

The Fringe Blouse & Dress by Chalk and Notch Patterns

It's been a loooong time since I officially signed up as a tester of a pattern. I might have been lurking in some tester groups for special friends, functioning as an unpaid consultant. (Actually sometimes I do get paid but more about that later.) But when Gabriela from Chalk and Notch presented her Fringe Blouse & Dress pattern, I literally couldn't wait to get my hands on the pattern and I knew that I definitely wouldn't regret it.

Gabriela knows her pattern drafting and it's always such a pleasure working with her.

I absolutely love the silhouette of this pattern. It's one of those dresses you put on and immediately feel pretty yet relaxed and comfortable.
And on top of that, it's actually quite a simple sew even though I don't think it looks like it. Okay, maybe it's not suitable for someone's very first sew, but e.g. there are no zippers to install and the button placket is as simple as it gets.
We spent quite some time during testing to ensure that the bodice had exactly that magic width, where you can comfortably get it on and off and still look like you are wearing a somewhat 'fitted' (aka not totally oversized) dress. The bodice both have front and back darts (vertical from the waist) which will help with fit. 

And as a stroke of genius, Gabriela has added tie bands which are inserted in the back darts (or the front) and will help with that last enhancement of the waist if you want. But you don't have to.

I also took some photos (like the one above) where I tied the tie bands at the front. I love that look too. Contrasting tie bands could also be awesome.

In this photo you can see two other great features from this pattern. The super simple but visually interesting sleeve cuff detail, where a button strap sort of ruches (is that even a word?) a longer cuff. The pattern also offers a more simple cuff if this one is not for you.

I also love the hem line which is curved and shorter at the side seams than front and back.

Here is a close up of that cool sleeve detail.

The shoulder seam is purposely moved a bit forward as a design detail.

The skirt is gathered and then sewn to the bottom of the bodice at the waist, which also closes up the front button placket. That also helps with the sewing process. Finishing a traditional button placket in a nice way can be challenging, so this is a great way to skip that last step and still get a beautiful result.

And pockets....people, there are pockets!

And I cannot finish this blog post without talking about this fabulous fabric. Blue Claire-Aude print, Tana Lawn, Liberty. GULP! As with all Liberty fabric the quality and the print is perfection. Nothing else to say! It was a gift from my friend Olga from Coffee + Thread, who thought I deserved it after helping her during some testing processes (see, sometimes I do get paid!). I didn't exactly expect any payment for that, but hey, I'm not one to say no to Liberty fabrics. Thank you!

As with all other small prints I have the hardest time photographing it. Trust me when I say I tried my hardest to make it look more clear.

I have another version in the works in the most gorgeous sandwashed rayon from Harts Fabric. I'm just waiting for some buttons that I 'accidentally' ordered from the other side of the globe, duh! I'll show it to you asap.

The Fringe Dress will release exclusively at UpCraft Club on Monday and Tuesday, August 21-22, 2017 and from Wednesday August 23 you can also buy the pattern in Chalk and Notch's own webshop. It's will be on sale for a special release price until August 28, 2017.

Thank you!



  1. I was seriously so flattered that you signed up to test this pattern...I mean, having Mie in a test is basically gold! I am so thrilled to share my love of pattern making with such a talented friend! Oh and I guess your shipment of liberty is on it's way ;) - XOXO

  2. Just so gorgeous Mie, I loooove your fringe dress. I think it's only after seeing your perfect beautiful makes and reading your tips that I have given up buying poor quality fabrics for good. Maybe one day I'll even make something out of liberty fabric 😘

  3. Another perfectly sewn, beautiful dress!!! I pretty much feel the same way you do about all of the Chalk and Notch patterns. I love how thorough your posts are, and they are always so helpful when deciding where to get started -- and this post is no exception! You deserve all the Liberty fabric!!!

  4. So gorgeous, Mie! The fabric is perfect for the dress! Happy you were able to use it! 💙💙💙 The fit is awesome!

  5. The fabric looks so soft and it drapes beautifully. Perfect choice for this pattern!

  6. Not my kind of style (I'm a jeans+T-shirt girl myself) but it does look fantastic on you!
    I wouldn't worry about the pictures. They are pretty darn great.

  7. Another gorgeous sew Mie. Love how the garden is also the perfect backdrop for such a beautiful dress.

  8. I absolutely agree about the attraction of this pattern - looking great yet easy to wear! This dress looks fab! The details are great. Looking forward to making one or two of these dresses!

  9. Really love this one on you, Mie! It's so casual, but so pretty too!

  10. well worth the liberty fabric! I am IN LOVE with this dress.


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