Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Fringe Blouse & Dress, Rayon Version

Harts Fabric was one of the handful of fabric stores that where so kind to offer us testers of the Fringe Blouse & Dress from Chalk and Notch a discount code.
And guess what? Some of those shops (and they are all amazing) are offering YOU discount codes too! I'll have a link to them at the end of this post. I know, I know, I'm mean and I want you to read my post first before you go fabric shopping, ha. But at least I'm admitting it!

If you missed my original post about the Fringe Blouse & Dress, where I'm talking more about the actual pattern, then see HERE.

I was so lucky to get my hands on the very last yards of this incredible Sandy Lane Washed Rayon, color Dusty Pink. It comes in four different colors and they are all dusty and peeeerfect.

They are also all sold out, wah.
But don't fret, more is on the way. Coming in September! From the fabric listing you can sign up to be notified when these fabrics are back in stock. I would do that if I were you!

It's seriously some of the most wonderful rayon I have worked with. And you know I wouldn't say that, if I didn't mean it. Tons of liquid drape but still not so slippery and thin that sewing is a pain.

As long as you slow down, especially when pressing, and definitely do NOT skip the fusible interfacing, then you are good.
No, it's not as easy as cotton but not as bad as silk.

And the payment for your troubles is drape. Lots of drape.
Look at the swing in that skirt!

This fabric looks sort of marbled when you see it up close. That's the result of the washing I'm guessing(?) I really love that look, plus how matte the fabric is. It totally looks like washed silk but this can go in the washing machine, woohoo.

The Fringe Blouse & Dress is drafted for fabrics like this and it's easy to see why.
I could not love this dress any more.

I skipped the pockets in this version. Mostly because of laziness.

I had this vision of putting small matte gold metal buttons in this dress but that turned out to be harder to find than I expected. I finally found them in the most incredible button Etsy shop called boysenberryaccessories. I ended up ordering so many buttons and all was well. Except they are located in Hong Kong and my deadline for this post was preferably today Wednesday, August 23.

They came two days ago (shipping took 10 business days (just as promised) and were shipped from the shop the very next day after my order) and I rushed to finish plus take photos. But I'm so happy that I stuck with my vision because it turned out exactly the way I hoped.

And a little tiny #miessewingtips. Just like you turn the shank in the direction of the buttonhole when sewing in shank buttons (see tip HERE). You do the same with the direction of buttons with holes. E.g. if you have vertical buttonholes, then you turn your two holes in the button vertical too. If your buttons like mine here has 4 holes, then you do your sewing in the direction of the button holes. Unless you decided to sew them in as crosses of course.

In this version it's very easy to see how the shoulder seam in this kimono sleeve is moved a bit forward as a design detail.
I love how that also makes the cool sleeve tabs more visible from the front.

A view from the back.
This dress is just effortless chic.

Aaaand I couldn't not show you this silly jumping photo. 
Besides hopefully making you laugh, it also really shows how sick the drape in this fabric really is.
Liquid gold!

Get rayon fabric from Harts Fabric HERE.
And get your own Fringe Blouse & Dress HERE.

And last but not least, HERE is the post with a ton of gorgeous and drool-worthy fabric inspiration plus coupon codes to some of the shops selling them.

Thank you!

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