Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Komi Kimono Jacket, Wool Edition

I can never have too many warm cardigans. I basically use one every day. In the winter to keep me warm and in the summer to avoid freezing to death in the cold air conditioning at public places. Wah!

I'm going to sew along with Petit a Petit's Project Sew It (search for the group on Facebook) this year. Every month has a theme and the theme of January is...ta da...sweaters. (Cardigans are totally a sweater too right haha).

I have made another version of this Komi Kimono Jacket from Wardrobe by Me (see it HERE) and I have been dying to make another because I really like the simple yet not boring shape. The pattern both works if you want to make a breezy beach cover up with some thin fabric or as here a sturdy wooly cardigan. Winner!
Christina, the designer of Wardrobe by Me even made a leather version. Nice! Just click on the link up there and go through all the versions and the leather version is amongst them.

I have already used this one like 5 (okay, 10) times so it's not crisp out of the machine but good enough. The pattern is designed so the pockets stand out from the bodice a tiny bit. I didn't do it on my previous version because the fabric was so bulky but here I did it and I love the effect.

The fabric, oh the fabric! 
It is seriously some of the nicest fabric I have bought in a while. It's Smoked Speckled Super Soft Wool Coating from Mood Fabrics. It's $25/yard, which is definitely on the high end for what I normally pay for fabric, but luckily also totally worth it in this case.

Mood Fabrics is describing this like "with a hand like that of fleece" and that is very true. It is lightweight and has drape but it's not thin, it's warm and it's not scratchy at all. I wouldn't use it for structured coats (although I'm sure you could, it's just not optimal). It is though on the other hand optimal for a cardigan type of jacket like this.
Does it sounds like I'm sponsored by Mood? I guess hehe but I'm not...just sharing the goodies :-)

My front edges flipped out a little bit when I was wearing it (it doesn't on my previous one where I used knit rib) so I added a snap to keep the front closed. Problem solved. 

This one ended up being a tad too short on my long arms but nothing a little extra fabric couldn't solve.
I hemmed it by hand because I wanted to keep the clean look.

I was wearing my Magena Fringe Jumper (sans fringe) from Named Clothing under the cardigan and even though I'm still not thrilled about this one, I thought I could just as well snap a few photos and throw them in as bonus.

This is my first time sewing this pattern and I think my fabric choice is the biggest problem. It's just a bit of a mess to me. I'll definitely keep it to only two different fabrics next time! But maybe it is also a bit too small. Not small in the sense that it doesn't fit me but small in the sense it would look better if the shape was more loose? I'll have to try the next size up and see what happens....

A look from the back.
The French terry with the big dots plus the white/grey heathered sweatshirt fleece and rib are all from L'oiseau fabrics. (their selection of these types of fabric are to die for, just saying!) and the quality is fabulous. Again, not sponsored!

Get your own Komi Kimono Jacket HERE and your Magena Fringe Jumper HERE.

2017 is off to a great blogging start. Two posts in a week, what the what!
Thank you for still following along!


  1. Yep I knew I'd love this! I totally have to try this cardigan pattern, so good! That fabric really sounds amazing #abitjealous hahah
    I never looked at the sweater pattern twice because I'm not a fringe person but you got my attention. Looking forward to see your next take on it.
    By the way are you getting younger? You look gorgeous, totally jealous of your skin! <3

  2. First, I completely agree with Ines! You look gorgeous and your skin is beautiful! It's glowing!
    I love the cardigan. I tried on something similar at the store and it was too short in the arms. (I have long arm probs too!😂)
    I actually really love the other sweater too. I think the more fitted style looks great on you. Both of these are wins in my book!❤

  3. Such a fantastic outfit -- I know you're still undecided about the Magena Jumper, but I love it. And the kimono....ah, so gorgeous! That fabric has me all heart-eyed! Wonderful.

  4. Hemming by hand is a sign of love (and experience and care, but mostly love) haha The cardigan looks absolutely fabulous! The pockets is such a cool detail. I am with Emi and Rachel re the jumper :)

  5. I wish I could hold that fabric in my hands. It sounds dreamy!


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